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Chianti is famous around the world for its distinctive red wine but this Italian region's pleasant climate and beautiful landscape make the prospect of buying a property in the area equally mouth-watering.

Got an appetite for villa with a vineyard? Here is Unique Living's guide to buying luxury property in Tuscany:


Vital Statistics

Average price

€600k - 16m

Style of property



Who's buying?




Background Information


Synonymous with red wine, Chianti is a must for any wine enthusiasts, with cuisine and natural beauty up for offer. It is also an ideal base for holiday home owners to explore the rest of the Chianti region, including the galleries in Florence. Chianti also grows olives, which are one of the country's chief exports.


Between exporting wine and olive oil, Chianti's financial health is in good shape - but growing visitor numbers from wine tourism and those looking to reside nearby to locations, such as Florence, has helped to build both its social and financial standing..


Insider Knowledge

"The people who buy in Tuscany are very different to those in, say, Spain. It tends to be people who just want a retreat in the countryside; not those who buy in a town centre or something next to a beach.

They don't want a beach. They want to sit in the Tuscan sun and enjoy a glass of Chianti or a red wine. Once again, the properties are exceptional."

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