A new survey has found that the USA is the most attractive region in the world for property investment in 2013. The poll by Colliers International found that America is the most desirable location to buy real estate, followed by Asia and Western Europe, particularly Paris, London and Germany.

We look at why investors believe the US is the place to buy property.

New York popular along with other ‘safe’ locations

The Global Investment Sentiment Survey quizzed over 500 property professionals around the world. It asked property experts for their outlook on property nationally and internationally for the next 12 months and found the USA to be the preferred location to buy.

Tony Horrell, CEO, UK and Ireland, Colliers International, said: “Major investors are becoming more critical when selecting their investment locations. This is supported by the overarching themes we found when asking respondents about their investment strategies – they are more likely to look at home locations first, and when they do look at international opportunities, they are far more specific about the individual markets and sectors in which they are interested.”

The survey also revealed that investors continue to prefer property in the ‘safe’ markets including London, New York, Paris, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Munich.

 The US property market is showing clear signs that a recovery has begun. Prices are beginning to rise and the volume of sales is also increasing.

Now is a great time to invest in property in the USA as not only are you benefiting from low prices but also from some of the lowest mortgage rates the country has ever seen. Whether you are looking for a holiday home or an investment property, the US offers plenty of opportunities in 2013.

Author : Nick Marr

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