2018 Ryder Cup set to boost profile of golf property in France

  • 13 years ago
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Golf property in France has received a huge boost with the news that the 2018 Ryder Cup will be held in the country.  And, as part of the bid included a pledge to build 100 golf courses in the country, there is set to be a huge increase in demand for golfing property in France over the next few years.

2018 Ryder Cup awarded to France

France beat off bids from Germany, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain to host the iconic event which pits golfers from the UK and Europe against a twelve man team from the USA.  The competition will take place on the Golf National course on the outskirts of Versailles.

European Tour chief executive George O’Grady said: “France’s bid was exceptional. They have a first-class tournament venue already built. In these tough economic times we can see where we are going. We are leaving nothing to chance on building a new course.”

Successful Ryder Cup bid will have a huge impact on golf and property in France

The announcement was excellent news for both the French property and golfing industries.  The sport is ranked sixth in terms of popularity in the country and the Ryder Cup bid was partly funded by all golf club members in France paying a 3 euro annual fee to subsidise a special Ryder Cup fund that has committed to build 100 new courses in France.

Many of the new courses will naturally result in the construction of property and so the demand for golfing property in France could start to rival more established locations such as the Algarve in Portugal.  With the sport’s popularity also set to increase as the 2018 Ryder Cup approaches there could also be strong local demand for golf property.

The International Business Times has highlighted two developments – the St Endreol Spa and Resort around an established Michel Gaydon course and Chateau de la Cazine, designed by golf architect Bruce Weller – as two forthcoming developments that are sure to attract buyers looking for high quality golfing property in France.

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