15,000 Sustainable Homes for the UK

  • 15 years ago
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The Crown Estate and the Homes and Communities Agency have partnered with the goal of developing 15,000 sustainable homes across the UK over the next 10 years. The agreement foresees some 10,000 homes being developed in Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Norfolk, with the remaining 5,000 homes coming in Nottinghamshire, Somerset, Wiltshire, Lincolnshire, Dorset and Leicestershire.
The agreement will focus on prioritising the delivery of sustainable, high quality housing, including affordable housing, and identifying new opportunities in communities across the country through a number of initiatives. These include: making the best use of land to increase the supply of housing and accelerate delivery; creating sustainable communities through quality development and place making; providing affordable housing in places where people want to work and live; and contributing towards housing delivery at national, regional and local levels .
Roger Bright, Chief Executive of The Crown Estate said: “The Crown Estate and the HCA have worked well together in the past, have complementary offerings and importantly, in partnership we can make a major positive contribution to development and regeneration – particularly during these tough economic times.”
Sir Bob Kerslake, Chief Executive of the HCA, said: “Working together allows us to explore more options for innovation and new models for development which is why this agreement is so important. It is through valuable partnerships like this one, making imaginative use of our land assets, and a continuing search for value for money, innovation and excellence that we can each continue to fulfill our public duty and live up to our core values.”
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