Removal Tips For When You’re Moving House



Book a removal specialist far in advance of your moving date. You’ll want to make sure that the removal company you want to work with is available on the dates when you need them.


The packing process should be started early on. Boxing up all your belongings can take quite a bit of time. If you’re packing’s not done when the removal team arrives, you could wind up paying them to watch you pack.


These NJ movers suggest that you stay in communication when the removal team and make sure they’re aware of any changes. If there are issues, they could cause delays, but if you inform the removal company of these problems, they’ll be able to work around them. Do everything you can to avoid having to cancel.


If you’re moving a large number of items, have the removal team visit your home ahead of time so that they can prepare.


Consult with the removal company about how your belongings should be prepared. If they intend to move larger items like your furniture first, you’ll want to make sure those items aren’t blocked by boxes. If you can save the removal team time, you’ll be able to save yourself money.


Find out what happens if your removal team has to work late. Will you have to pay some sort of penalty fee?


Look at your household insurance policy to see if moving is covered. If not, you may want to purchase additional insurance.


Consider where vehicles will be parked. You should look into this even if you don’t own a car. It’s possible that you’ll have to arrange for a parking permit for the removal vehicle.


Talk to your neighbours and make them aware of your removal date. Let them know that a removal vehicle will be parked outside your home.


Think about some of the challenges you’ll be facing. For example, will your furniture need to be disassembled so that it can fit through a doorway?


Don’t pack boxes too tightly. If you overfill the boxes you’re packing, they could break, damaging the items inside. Books tend to be very heavy and can cause problems when packed in larger boxes.


At the same time, you shouldn’t underfill boxes. This could cause a box to collapse if something heavy is placed on top. Make sure the boxes you’re packing are well-balanced. Fragile boxes should be marked so that the removal team can use caution when moving them.


Make sure that someone is available to watch the belongings that are in your vehicle, especially if you live in a city. Carrying items to a vehicle can take a long time. Thieves might see an opportunity if your items are left unguarded. It’s better to leave someone near these items so that there won’t be a problem.


Have a backup plan in place. Even if you prepare for your move, it’s possible something could go wrong. For example, you may want to set aside the number for another removal service in case there is an issue with the company you hired.


See how many people the removal team will be sending out to assist you. Will you be expected to help carry boxes? If you use a man and a van service, you may be expected to assist with the loading process.


Find out how your furniture will be protected from scratching and other damage when it’s being transported. See if the removal service will be providing blankets or other protective items.


If you’re planning a long move, find out where the removal vehicle will be overnight. Will your belongings be properly secured? Talk to the removal company about this and make sure you have insurance in case something goes wrong.


You should make sure you have bottled water on hand as well as a kettle for hot beverages. You may want to provide snacks as well! This can give you and the removal team the energy you need to get through the move.


After the vehicle has been loaded up, go through your home to make sure that nothing’s been left behind.


If you’re paying by the hour, you should take travel time and traffic into your estimation. Scheduling the removal for a less busy time could save you money!



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