Make moving to Australia easy: try these tips

Moving to the other side of your hometown can be more stress-inducing than a calculus exam performed at gunpoint – so just imagine the headaches involved in moving to the other side of the world.

You’ll have to travel back and forth on long haul flights as you pick a property, obtain the appropriate visas, find an international removal company and establish a whole new set of friends and employment opportunities. Talk about heaps of effort.

With that in mind, we’ve created some ace tips for your big move to the other side of the world.

Know who delivers

Not every removal company has the mettle to haul your goods from one end of the earth to the other. But even fewer can guarantee that your fragile goods won’t be smashed to smithereens by the time they reach your property down under.

The solution? Forget the global U-Haul guys and send a parcel to Australia containing your smaller goods. It’ll be separate from larger furniture and items, and you’ll be able to keep tabs on it if you find a delivery service with real-time tracking services.

You shouldn’t have to worry about how your smaller goods are faring – so use our ideal solution.

Don’t get caught out

Travelling to a new culture is a culture shock, no matter where that culture is.

You might think that, with its primarily English speaking residents and glistening sun, you’d fit into the Australian lifestyle hand in glove. But, depending on the area, you could stick out more than a Great British pheasant roasting on an Australian barby.

Take some time to check out the culture before you decide you want to move. And remember that Australia, like every other country, doesn’t share one cultural mind set – it’s rich in its diversity.

Make contacts long before you move to the region. Whether through Facebook or email, find out who your neighbours are and you’ll be able to ingratiate yourself before you even set a foot in your new home.

Sort the paperwork

Australia is a paradise for immigration, with its rich economy and plentiful land – but that doesn’t make it easy to get in. On top of cultural integration, you’ll have to fill out more forms than a Kafkaesque nightmare.

The red tape can be a bit of a headache, but you’ll reap the plentiful benefits of an excellent health service and a welcoming society.

To make the process easier, find a lawyer in Australia who’ll be willing to help you break through those application forms with ease. The effort will be well worth it. 

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