5 Tips for Those Newly Settling In Australia


Moving to a new country can be a drawn-out and exhausting experience.

You not only have to pack your previous life away into boxes, you then have to have those boxes and yourself shipped off across the ocean; coming to rest in a country that is entirely unfamiliar to you.

Once you’ve set foot on solid ground, the next step is to find your new home, and Simon Perri Liverpool real estate agents can help with that if you’re having trouble. The rest of your journey in the new and foreign land of Australia is up to you, but we have some pointers here to help with the pointier ends of your journey.

Shop Around

When it comes to housing, shopping around is key.

There are plenty of places that will jump out at you immediately, with fun sounding names like “Melton” and “Frankston” and “Laverton”, but these are three suburbs with low house prices because of their inordinately high levels of crime and poverty.

Paying a little more for a better place is a great idea, because it means you invest in your future, and your future is one of the few things that can be drastically affected by your house location.

Think Long-Term

When setting up, think not only about the here and now, but also about the next 15-20 years.

If you have young children, look for school zones with good schools in them. If you have pets, maybe find somewhere closer to a national park, or further from main roads. Looking into what you’ll need for the future is a great idea, because it prepares you for otherwise unforeseen problems that could arise out of nowhere.

Community Involvement

Involving yourself in the community is a great way to meet people and make friends, as well as finding something to do with your spare time. One thing many people tend to forget about moving to a new country is that the places they used to spend time in will not be in the new country.

There is no way to really break ground in a new country without putting yourself out there as a member of the community. Before you know it, you’ll have new friends and events planned, and things will start to fall into a comfortable pattern. Australians tend to be welcoming to new community members, and you shouldn’t encounter too much trouble with finding like minded individuals in your community.

Educate Yourself on the Nature

Australia’s nature is harsh and unforgiving at best, and highly deadly at worst.

Anyone who is new to the country should make a point to research and learn about the weather conditions, flora, and fauna of their area as soon as possible, because there are some things that the rest of the world just doesn’t do like australia does.

Orb-weaver spiders, for instance, love to make large, strong webs across walkways and driveways in mid to late summer, and early autumn. These are usually at face height, and more often than not the spider is perched right in the middle of the web. Knowing this before going on a night walk in february is very useful.

Learn about Your New Country

History and culture of a new country is an exciting thing to learn, as it might seem strange and intriguing, but soon enough you’ll count is as your own. Some places in Australia are renowned for their fashion, or for their coffee, or for their art, or for their spectacular weather, and that’s just Melbourne. All of Australia’s cities have something to offer, and all are available to you as a permanent residency if you like it there.

Moving to a new country is stressful and tough, but with a bit of help it can also be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.

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