5 Common Reasons Why People Choose to Move Abroad




If you’ve always lived close to home, the thought of dropping everything and moving to another country can seem rather daunting. However, while it can be challenging, thousands of individuals still leave their old life behind to experience living abroad.


One question you may have is: why? It certainly seems easier to stay at home, especially when you know the language and culture off by heart. Here, we’ll take a look at five common reasons why people choose to move overseas.


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Cheaper Cost of Living


One of the main reasons for moving abroad is that it is possible to benefit from a cheaper cost of living. For instance, you could find that you can afford things you may not have been able to in your home country.


This includes particular food, transport, and excellent accommodation. Just take the Philippines, for example. You can find a townhouse for sale at different price points that are sure to suit your budget.


Job and Study Opportunities


Another common cause of many relocations is that people are seeking better jobs and higher education. Moving could set you up on a more remarkable career path, especially if you decide to study at a well-known university.


In turn, it offers financial stability and an outstanding work-life balance. You may even find certain advantages to starting a business abroad. The options really are endless!


Family and Friends


Family is important, which means that we tend to support each other through all life changes. If someone’s parents, children, or close friends have decided to move, it’s not uncommon for them to follow.


Alternatively, another reason is to unite with a loved one. With the internet and the rise of dating sites, many individuals have found love and moved to reside in their partner’s home country.


Change of Climate


This one might be a little strange, but you would be surprised at how many people wish for a change of climate. For example, moving from the UK to Australia where the weather is relatively warm and sunny is extremely important for some.


It’s also typical for individuals to relocate somewhere with weather that allows them to do their favorite activities, such as surfing or skiing. We all have our preferences after all!




Finally, and probably one of the most common reasons, is that many individuals want to retire abroad. This could be because of the several factors mentioned above, as well as things such as healthcare.


Some of the most popular places for a comfortable retirement include Switzerland, New Zealand, Spain, Canada, and Ireland. However, there are so many unique countries out there to choose from.


Final Words


And that’s it! As you can see, there are many reasons why people may choose to move overseas. So, if you’ve been thinking about it, why not take the leap and see what adventures are out there? You won’t know what is possible until you try.

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