Your Six Top Priorities When Moving into a New Home


When you move into a new home, it can be as overwhelming as it is exciting. There are lots of hidden hurdles, but there are simple ways around them if you have some forethought. We are here to give you our six top tips when moving into your new home.

      1.      Sort Out All of Your Bills

Change over your bank home addresses and make sure you write a checklist of all of the necessary changes. This will mean that your transition flows easily and you won’t get bogged down with it while you are trying to organize other things later on. 

Oh, and remember to check which day is bin day!

      2.      Measure up for New Appliances.

Measure up for appliances and furniture and get everything prepared before you move in if you can. If you need to fit new lighting, install towel rack radiators or do any other any home improvements, it is important that you are prepared for it before you move in. 

Many places will let you order for a specific date if you telephone them which will help you to sort everything out beforehand.

      3.      Label ALL of Your Boxes

Label and pack all of your boxes carefully. Organization before moving into your new home will make it a lot easier to sort out when you move in. When you get to your new home, make sure you place all the labeled boxes in the right rooms and places before you unpack. Don’t skip labeling your boxes, and add detailed notes to the lid if they contain phone chargers, kettles or other things you might need early on.

      4.      Pay for Child and Pet Care

Pay for it if you need it, or get someone to look after them for you over the weekend. This way you can spend a whole two days unpacking and sorting. You will find you get so much more done if there aren’t little feet or paws running around the house. 

Equally, give children and pets time to become accustomed to their new home. They might act out at the start, but if you give them a little time they will come round and behave as normal.

      5.      Say Hello!

Smile at the neighbours and get to know your area. Moving to a new area can be a bit isolating if you don’t get involved. Give your neighbours a wave and introduce yourself, they will be interested in you as much as you are in them. You might find that you make new friends this way or advice on things to do in the local area.

      6.      Enjoy your New Space

Give yourself to celebrate the move. Do nothing at all for the first night, order a takeaway and feel at one with your new surroundings. It will make everything much more positive as you move forwards.

So, there we have it. Our six tips on what to consider when you move into your new house. Remember, enjoy your new space and plan ahead for optimal results!

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