Why Are So Many People Moving to Florida?



The least-populous state in the South not too long ago, Florida has grown into a behemoth in recent years. With a population fast approaching 22 million people, Florida is now the third-largest state in the country, and no state behind it is poised to catch up for the foreseeable future. Even Mother Nature can’t stop this growth; Florida has seen its population continue to grow significantly during the pandemic. Why is Florida such a popular destination for people looking to relocate?


The Weather


Some people like four seasons, and some find a bona fide winter to be a positive. For many, however, being able to avoid bitterly cold weather is a major boon. Despite its brutal hot season, Florida provides year-round access to outdoor activities, and many people come to love its humid conditions. Although snow (very) occasionally strikes parts of the state, many are attracted to the prospect of never having to drive on icy roads or pulling out snow shovels.


Finances and Taxes


Florida sales taxes might be a bit higher than some states, and property taxes can be significant, but Floridians enjoy having no state income tax to deal with, making the state popular among those looking to simplify their finances and save some money when their income rises. Furthermore, Florida home builders have largely been able to keep up with demand, so home prices tend to be reasonable for most people. Although its salaries tend to lag behind some other states, Florida makes financial sense for many people.




Throughout the 20th century, Florida became known as a top destination for retirees, largely due to the factors outlined above. Builders and community planners have taken note, and Florida is filled with destinations designed primarily with retirees in mind. No matter how people plan to spend their retirement, there are likely great options available in Florida. Living near other retirees can also ensure new residents are close to people with similar goals and interests.




There’s no place on the planet like Disney World, and those in Central Florida can make a day trip and enjoy discounted tickets and even annual passes. Because the state is a narrow peninsula, the beach is never far away, even for those who live inland. While some of the locals might complain about tourists on occasion, being able to access world-class destinations by car makes Florida a compelling destination.


Nice Housing Options


Because its population largely moved in recent decades, most homes in Florida are relatively new. For those used to 100-year-old properties in other states, having access to a home designed with modern sensibilities in mind can be a major positive for the state. Furthermore, the threat of hurricanes means homes are built to be sturdy.


Ties to Other Parts of the Country


When viewed on a map, Florida seems a bit isolated. However, the state’s long history of receiving migrants from the Northeast and Midwest means people often have a family connection to the state; those moving from New York or Ohio, for example, likely know someone living in Florida. Furthermore, it offers excellent airport connection options. Flying from Florida to New York City takes just two and a half hours, and many destinations offer direct connections thanks to the state’s ubiquity as a vacation destination.


Remote Working


One of the lasting effects of the pandemic will be an increase in remote working opportunities, and people are already taking advantage of this. Fewer people feel tied to a particular geographical area, letting them take advantage of Florida’s benefits before retirement age. Salaries in Florida are lower than some other regions, but those moving to the state can increasingly find jobs that would typically require someone to live in a high-cost location.


An Easy Move


The trek down to Florida can be time-consuming, but the state benefits from easy access to both I-95 and I-75, which makes relocation a potentially lengthy but fairly straightforward process. In addition, there are plenty of moving companies to choose from. Suddath Moving company even has its national headquarters in Jacksonville.


Growth Opportunities


No matter what career path you envision, there’s likely great opportunities in Florida. With Florida’s rapid growth comes interest from companies of all sizes, and business owners can tap into an ever-growing population base to fuel their businesses for decades to come. Major employers are taking note, and Florida is poised to become a prime destination for major companies looking to expand their operations.


For most, Florida isn’t the paradise some make it out to be. However, it’s a welcoming state that handles growth well, and its future is bright. Moving to a new state is never a decision to make lightly, but those looking to relocate should put Florida on their short list. It’s a popular relocation destination for a reason, after all.

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