What You Need to Know about Moving to Arkansas



Arkansas is a great place to live, but if you are moving from out of state then it’s definitely worth doing plenty of research beforehand.

To help you out, here are a few of the most important facts about Arkansas which will let you make informed decisions when planning your move.

Support is available for first time buyers

Property is more affordable in Arkansas than in lots of other parts of the US, and this makes it a top choice for people who want to get their foot on the property ladder by purchasing their first home.

Thankfully this is even easier if you take advantage of the Arkansas first-time home buyer programs outlined by Home & Money in an informative blog.

The main takeaways are that first time buyers can get down payment support, in addition to tax breaks to incentivize them to buy in the state. So if you are tired of renting and you want a place to call your own, moving to Arkansas could turn that dream into a reality.

Property taxes are minimal

All residents of Arkansas can benefit from very low property taxes levied by the authorities, and there are only nine other states nationally which charge less.

As this goes hand in hand with the low income taxes, you can make your money go much further in Arkansas.

Nature is number one

Arkansas is sometimes referred to as ‘the natural state’, and it’s easy to see why when you visit. Mountains soar majestically into the sky, rivers cut paths through picturesque woodlands, spilling into lakes which are an inviting place to swim and enjoy all sorts of water-based activities.

If you are an outdoorsy type, then this will definitely be a region that appeals to your adventurous sensibilities.

This also explains the low population density, which gives people more room to breathe. The largest city, Little Rock, has a population of just over 200,000 so even if you do choose urban living over the great outdoors, it will never feel crowded or hemmed in.

Rents are inexpensive

For people who would rather rent than buy, you won’t need to pay over the odds to get a comfortable, well maintained slice of accommodation in Arkansas.

Studio apartments are priced at an average of around $516, while a three bedroom house will set you back just $920 monthly. Compared to paying several thousand dollars for a tiny room in a major city like New York or Los Angeles, this could be seriously appealing.

Living costs are appealing

We’ve already looked at a few of the things that go into determining the cost of living in Arkansas, but it’s worth taking this a little further and revealing that you won’t just be paying less to buy or rent property there; you’ll also benefit from cheaper prices on essentials like food, fuel, utilities and much more besides.

As a more rural state, this should not be that surprising. But with inflation rising all the time, it’s also sensible to think about how the cost of living impacts your quality of life.

Position is everything

Finally, let’s not forget that Arkansas may be geographically small, but it is also located in a prime position to allow residents access to other nearby states.

With Missouri to the north, Mississippi and Tennessee to the east, Louisiana to the south, and Texas and Oklahoma to the west, it is only a short drive, train ride or plane journey to some truly stunning and diverse places. All this means it’s easy to see why moving to Arkansas might be the best decision that you ever make.

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