What Should You Look for if You Need Not Just Movers but Storage Facilities as Well?


If you are about to move home, you have a whole lot of things to think about, not in the least which moving company you need to use. If you then also have to have your items in storage for a while, you may feel even more stressed, believing that you need to organize two separate movers, as well as the storage facility. Luckily, however, you can also use some of the many moving and storage DC facilities that are out there. Here are a few things to look for.

What to Look for in Moving and Storage Facilities


1.     The company should always offer free estimates. This should only be provided by actually visiting your home, otherwise the estimate will not be accurate.

2.     Details should be provided about insurance, both during the move and during storage. You may have to arrange this separately, which you need to know about.

3.     Some moving and storage facilities give you a choice of whether you want to use their packing materials, others don’t offer packing materials at all, others still will only work with you if you use their materials.

4.     You should ask about how your belongings will be transported, and how much the company will do. Will they load and unload the van for you, for instance?

5.     In terms of the storage, you need to know where your items will be kept and whether they will be in their own unit or in a shared space.

6.     If you have any breakable or delicate items, including large pieces of furniture, you need to know how they will be protected.

7.     Ask your movers whether they help with placement, which may be needed if they unload the van for you. You need to know whether they will put items where they belong, or whether they just unload everything in one space.

8.     Check for reviews and recommendations of the company. Make sure these are independent, rather than simply listed on the company’s website.

9.     Once you have decided to go with a company, you need to receive a full quotation. This isn’t an estimate, but an actual price that includes all the services that you need.

10.  Look into the staff they use and whether they are properly trained and qualified to handle moving and relocations.

11.  Check whether you will have access to the storage facility. You may need to be able to get to some of your belongings at some point.

With these tips, you should be able to find the right moving and storage company to suit your needs. Make sure you also itemize everything that will be moved for you, so that you have an inventory to check off against. This will make sure that you are immediately aware of any missing items. While rare that things go missing, you don’t want to find yourself in that unpleasant situation at any point.

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