Top Tips to Make Moving Easier


Moving is a pain. It’s stressful, it’s messy, it’s – probably – disorganised and by the end of the day all you want to do is collapse into your bed. There’s just one problem – it’s probably still packed up. And so the stress begins again. Luckily, there are plenty of things you can do to help the moving process go a little more smoothly. While it may be tempting to just mail your belongings to your new home to save you the hassle, bulk parcel delivery prices can be difficult to negotiate. So instead, we’ve pulled together some of our top tips for making moving a walk in the park. Almost.

Pack an overnight bag

Make sure that you have a bag set aside with every essential you’ll need. Pack a couple of changes of clothes, the toiletries you regularly use and need, and even consider packing up a box cutter or spare tape. Having these kinds of essentials in an overnight bag will give you easy access in the mess and kerfuffle of moving, and just think how much easier that hot shower at the end of moving day will be when you can find your favourite soap without having to tear open boxes – or attempt to if you’ve packed the box cutter!

Wrap up breakables in clothes or towels

If you find yourself strapped for cash, or just don’t want to go through the trouble of buying bubble wrap, consider wrapping up your essentials in clothing or towels. You’ll be able to cushion your items, save packing space as far as clothing is concerned, and you won’t need to spend a single penny while you’re doing it!

Write what room each box will be going in on the box

Writing the name of the room, or even a number, onto the box can help you save time and valuable sanity when moving. If you’re hiring a moving van, the movers can put your boxes in order if you label them, and when it comes to unpacking you’ll know exactly what needs to go where. Of course, this takes a little organisation ahead of time – you definitely can’t shove things into boxes last minute if you want to do this!

Go to the home ahead of the movers and clean!


If it’s possible, consider going ahead of the movers to clean your house. This might sound like the most tedious thing in the world, but if you clean at least your kitchen and bathroom ahead of time, you’ll have clean, functioning facilities from the moment you move in. You can have that hot bath, and if you don’t want to order in you could even go as far as cooking! Stock up on a few essentials too if you can – toilet paper, soap and things like that. It’ll save you time and stress once you’re moved in, so you can actually sit back and relax.

Take photos of wires or complicated set ups.

If you’re a tech lover, the chances are you have quite a lot of tech in your home. With tech comes complicated wiring and confusing set-ups if you don’t know exactly what you’re doing. But don’t fret! If you know you won’t remember how something was set up when you pack it up, take a photo of the wires and plugs on your phone. When it comes to setting the device back up at your new home, you’ll have a handy picture guide to follow, hopefully cutting out a good chunk of time you could’ve spent on other things!

There’s no way to make moving a complete breeze without having someone do the entire thing for you, but hopefully with our tips you’ll find it a little less stressful. Just remember, you’re moving into a brand new house, and you’ll have it feeling ju

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