Top 5 Ways to Reduce the Stress of Moving Home



Moving house is a big deal. While it’s often exciting, packing up your life is often a stressful process. For starters, you need to find a ton of boxes, and these are sometimes hard to get or break due to uneven quality.  

According to experts, moving house is tiring and stressful, and can result in lost or damaged possessions. As the leading supplier for moving crates in the UK, PHS tea crates can help ease the transition of a move by giving you ready-made crates to safely pack your personal belongings.   
Use these 5 tips to reduce moving stress and consider using PHS TeaCrates’ removal crates during your house move for a smoother and stress-free process.  

1.    Have a Plan  

Without a plan, moving house can seem overwhelming. Even when we know that a deadline is looming, it’s easy to procrastinate when we’re not sure what to do first. In the end, this causes more stress as we try to get everything done in a shorter time.  

Moving house takes a lot of hard work and time. Most people can’t pack everything up in a day or two. You’ll also want to leave the things that you use every day like some clothes, dishes, and toiletries out until last.   

The best way to start a big project is to plan out your actions in advance. Break large jobs down into individual steps or you can start with packing one room at a time.  
Having a plan is a good way to avoid getting overwhelmed and to ensure that you’ve done everything that you need to for one step before moving on to the next one.  

2.    Start Early

Starting early is also key to reducing house-moving stress.  

Now that you have a plan, you can begin packing up some things here and there before moving day. This will help decrease the mountain of things that you need to do as moving day approaches.  

Take time to set aside things like important documents that you don’t want to get lost or misfiled come moving day.  

Taking small steps toward your goal every day will help you keep on track with your progress without stressing or panicking. When moving day arrives, all you need to do is finish the steps of the plan that you’ve already put into place.  

3.    Communicate Effectively

Talking through each step with other members of the family is another good way to ensure that everyone is on track with packing up their own possessions.  

Communicating with each other and making sure that everyone knows what task they’re doing will make moving day much easier. Not only does communication save time, but it also helps ensure that you have help moving heavy items and that possessions don’t get left behind.  

4.    Don’t Forget About Your Own Needs

When you’re planning a move, it’s easy to get lost in all the responsibilities.  

Once you’ve put your plan into place and are working through the steps, take the time here and there to take a walk to clear your head, grab coffee with a friend, or enjoy a bit of a morning lie-in.   

Practicing self-care can help reduce fatigue and mental stress and help you feel refreshed, more in control, and ready to meet the demands associated with moving day.  

5.    Consider Professional Assistance

Some people can create a moving day plan and execute it easily. For others, moving house is chaotic, extremely stressful, and overwhelming. If you have children, pets, or a demanding schedule that makes it difficult to plan or carry out a move, consider calling for professional help.  

Contacting a professional rental crate company such as PHS TeaCrate service can be a lifesaver. The company’s removal team can bring the crates, pack your belongings, and even unpack them for you at your new home. Even better, PHS TeaCrate’s staff ensures that your items are packed safely and guards against loss by tracking the shipment digitally.  

From home moves to industrial removal services for offices, retail businesses, and the pharmaceutical industry, PHS TeaCrate offers a wide range of services that have earned them a 99% customer satisfaction score.  

Their knowledgeable and helpful team can help you choose the right size crate for your items. They will also deliver your possessions on time, every time, the next business day.  

The good news is that you don’t even have to go far to engage their services. PHS TeaCrate is located in every geographical location with over 29 vehicles and 100 operational staff, across a national depot network throughout the UK to give you the help that you need every time.



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