Tips When Moving House With Limited Mobility


Having limited mobility doesn’t mean that you should miss out on the fun and exciting things in life, and moving house is no exception. Okay, so moving can be stressful, but if it’s a move you’ve been looking forward to, the notion is so satisfying and can sometimes feel like an extra-special Christmas! Having said this, those with limited mobility will know that moving house can be even more difficult, regardless of whether you use electric wheelchairs to get around or a simple walking stick. If you’ve got a big move coming up, but you’re feeling anxious because of your inability to move very well, we’ve got all the top tips to make your moving experience a memorable one – for all the right reasons!

Ensure The House Is Appropriate

Before you even finalise a moving date, you need to triple check that the house you’re moving too can facilitate for your disability. For example, if you have severe difficulty walking, but the entrance to your house is only possible with giant stone steps, this probably isn’t the house for you. To make life as easy as possible, it’s often worth moving into a bungalow instead, as this way you needn’t worry about walking up any steps that may be a little too much for you. Similarly, if standing is hugely painful for you, is there a wet room in the new home? Or could you afford to have one put in? Revising all of these elements will ensure that you have the best move possible.

Pack The Essentials Last, And Unpack Them First

For the average person, the ‘essentials’ may include a kettle and the TV, but for people with limited mobility, you need to be smart and unpack the actual necessities. These can include your mode of transport, whether that be a foldable wheelchair or mobility scooter, any medication and other appliances or applications that you use daily to assist you with your movements. If you have decided to choose a house with stairs, unpacking a stair lift first is paramount, as this way you can easily help with the moving process by seamlessly getting yourself from ground floor to top floor without the hassle. Plus, throughout the packing process, always create a check list by numbering boxes and writing what their contents are. This way, you can unpack your essentials immediately as you’ll know exactly what box to look in.

Find A Range Of Quotes

Just like insurance comparison sites, there are several that exist purely to find you the cheapest deal when it comes to selecting a removal company. Particularly when moving afar, it’s inevitable that you’ll need a removal van to get yourself from A to B with all of your belongings, so finding a service that is high quality and reliable is imperative. Some removal companies also offer a packing service, and this should be a consideration for those who really struggle with their movements. It’s nothing to be ashamed of! You can still contribute by passing items to the removal men, or even by creating that checklist to make the unpacking service much easier on the other side.

Still Contribute In Some Way

For a memorable moving experience, you’ll want to have some input throughout the process. Whilst moving can be a tedious and strenuous procedure, there are still many ways in which you can contribute to the task at hand, such as flattening the boxes once they have been unpacked! This can actually be a very important job when in the moving process, as otherwise you will be suddenly overwhelmed at the amount of cardboard you’re drowning in!

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