Tips for Long Distance College Moves


The idea of shifting to college is both exciting and daunting. Nothing is more exhilarating than the thought of moving to a whole different place, meeting new people, and facing just another set of challenges. This is supported by the survey conducted by Field Agent. The study shows that 43% of students move into a new place for college.

Really, the concept of college is thrilling, but before getting into the “college” stage, you must get through the “moving” stage. Moving from one place to another for college can be a very demanding task as you must think of all the things to bring and leave for your new home. To help you, here are some tips on your long distance college move:

·         Get things sorted.

Every moving task starts with packing things and getting them sorted. One of the most challenging parts in packing is deciding on the things to bring, leave, or throw away. Here’s a tip for you: only keep the items that you’ve used for the last six months. It’s going to be difficult to decide, but it’s necessary.

Another challenge when packing your things is putting all your stuff in your luggage bag. Another tip: roll your clothes. It’s a very effective space-saving technique than the usual folding.

·         Prioritize your academic essentials.

There are school items that you can buy at your new place, but there are some items that are too expensive to buy again. Academic essentials like books, guides, and calculator should have a reserved space in your bag. For other items, you might want to ask your new professors about what items are going to be needed in your classes to know what to bring. This way, you won’t have to pack things that you’re not sure are necessary.

·         Prepare for the seasons.

Study the weather in the location of your college university or do some research on the internet. This way, you will know what kind of clothes you need to bring and how many of them should you prepare. Tip: choose to bring clothes that can be matched easily with other items. Remember that you must only bring necessary clothes that you are sure to use.

·         Do not bring items that can be bought later.

You do not have to bring every single thing that you will need in your new place. Items like pens, notebooks, and other school supplies can just be bought in your new place. Toiletries are also easily available from there.

·         Prepare for your long travel.


Whether you are traveling by road, train, or by air, it is necessary for you to prepare for your long distance college move. During your trip, your priority is your comfort. Bring with you a travel pillow from all about mom pillow. The store has a collection of the best and most comfortable sorts of pillows.

·         Bring a piece of your home.

According to a survey conducted by the UCLA Higher Education Institution, 69% of first year college students feel homesick. This means that in your first few months in college away from home, you will most likely experience homesickness. A little piece of reminder of your home will help you ease the nostalgia.

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