The Most Efficient Way to Pack Moving Boxes


So, you’re ready to move. The destination is chosen, you’ve hired the best movers Kansas City has, and now it’s just the packing you have to do. You might think packing moving boxes is as simple as putting stuff in them and closing them, but it is a lot more nuanced than that. There is a science to packing moving boxes efficiently and mastering it is going to make the moving process much easier for you. Here are some tips to help you sail through the moving process like a pro. Here’s what you’ll need to get through moving your possessions:

●        Scissors

●        String

●        Labeling markers

●        PVC tape

●        Bubble wrap or packing paper and Styrofoam peanuts

●        Plenty of boxes



The very first step is to organize everything that you plan on packing. You can organize it according to a range of factors like size, room and weight. Whatever method you use to sort them, make sure you have some kind of organization at least because it makes everything so much easier.


The next thing is to layer your moving boxes up. Start by lining the bottom of your moving boxes with Styrofoam peanuts so they absorb any shock the contents might be subjected to during the moving process. This is especially important if you’re going to be packing any fragile or valuable items for the trip. You don’t want to arrive at your destination only to find out half of your valuables are damaged.



While Styrofoam peanuts in your boxes can absorb the shock, that’s still not enough. You can go the extra mile and get your valuables wrapped up in bubble wrap for extra safety. If you feel the urge to pop a few bubbles, try to resist it until you get to your destination at least.

Heavy Down Light Up

When you’re packing up your moving boxes to move to your new destination, the heaviest items should go to the bottom while the lightest ones go on top. The delicate items, in particular, should be at the top because that is where they will be safest when you pack your boxes in the moving truck with the right side up.

The Boxes Shouldn’t Be Too Heavy


Have a lot of light boxes to carry around rather than a few extremely heavy ones. Be kind to your back and make the moving easier for yourself. Keep the weight of each box at 35 pounds or less. Individual items that weigh that much or more should be wrapped separately.

Proper Sealing

When taping the boxes up, have string available as well. Guide it underneath the tape and let it extend on the side of the box for about an inch or so, to give you the chance to hold it. Opening the box up when you arrive will be much easier because all you have to do is tug on the string and let the tape come up with it. Don’t forget to add more Styrofoam peanuts to the top and sides inside the box before you close it. 



Don’t forget to label your boxes. Proper labeling makes sure you don’t lose things or misplace them at any point during the moving process. It also makes organization much easier when you finally arrive at your destination.

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