Relocating? Clear Out Your Garage Like a Pro In 3 Steps


With moving day approaching, it’s time to pack. Let’s be honest, packing is the worst part of moving. Not to mention cleaning out the garage! For many households, the garage is a collect-all of the family’s junk. For that reason, it is important to start working on clearing out this important area of the home early on in the packing process.

Once the garage is clean, it’s easy to keep the house tidy while you pack. Instead of trying to live among boxes, you can move them to the garage once they are taped shut. Follow this simple guide to cleaning and packing your garage.

3 Steps to Clearing Out Your Garage

Step 1: Throw Out Unnecessary Junk

It’s easy to forget you have things when it’s stashed away in the garage and it is never used. You’re bound to find items you have completely forgotten about. You may even be tempted to include them in the move. But let’s be honest – if you have not used them by now, will you ever?

Remember that the weight and size of your move will have a significant influence on the cost of your relocation transport.

Sort items into piles to:

Keep – Keep all practical items that you do use from time to time.

Sell – Bear in mind that if you move to a different state, you may no longer have access to certain activities. For instance, if you’re a surfer and move inland, you will no longer be able to enjoy that. As such, you may consider selling your surfing gear. After the sale, you should have some cash you can use to pay for moving expenses, or to treat yourself to something new when you’re in the new house.

Give Away – That old vase your sister loves? Now is a good time to give it to her.

Donate – If you have valuables you don’t want to sell, consider giving it away to a charity.

Throw Away – Most of us also have junk in our garages. If it doesn’t fit into any of the above piles, it should go in the ‘throw away’ pile. This may also apply to some items that you can’t safely move because it is prohibited by law. Such items include cleaning supplies, chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, propane tanks, charcoal, paint and thinners, gasoline and aerosol cans. Do not try to disguise these items in your move, as you’re only placing your own goods at risk.

Once you have decide what must stay and what must go, you can arrange a garage sale, or to drop off items at friends, family or charities.

It will also be easier to pack your garage when it’s need and uncluttered.

Step 2: Pack Garage Items Like a Pro

Many garage items are bulky and have odd shapes and sharp points, so it’s important to pack it correctly. Here’s how:

Pack small hand tools into a toolbox that closes securely.
Wrap blades in several layers of packing wrapping.
Tape rakes and shovels together and wrap them in moving blankets.
Pack your power tools in their original packaging after removing batteries and detachable parts.
Empty fuel tanks of any machinery that runs on fuel.
Resell your propane tank (if it is portable) because it is illegal to transport it with the relocation truck.
Disassemble your outdoor furniture, if possible.
Remove wheels and handlebars from bikes before packing it.

Step 3:  Consult With Your Movers

Movers have to follow certain laws and regulations as to what they may and may not move. If you’re unsure about the items below, check with your movers about moving:

Swing sets
Satellite dishes
Jungle gyms
Kennels and dog houses
Hot tubs
Leaf or snow blowers
Above ground swimming pools

When speaking to your movers, they will likely inform you to arrange specialist shipping for your extra car, moped, riding mower and motor scooter. Auto transportation companies have special licensing to provide motorcycle shipping services.

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