Re-Locating To The US For Work: Everything To Know


Relocating to any new country can be a very complex and time-consuming process. When you think you have everything in place, a brand-new list of requirements comes up. We have tried to streamline the process by compiling a few vital things you need to remember when preparing to move to the United States; here they are. 

Where will you live?
The first thing you need to decide is where you are going to live. Do you want the lights and glamor of Los Angeles or Las Vegas, the hustle and bustle of New York, or the quiet life somewhere like Maine or Wyoming?

Each of these cities has its pros and cons, but many believe moving somewhere more “exciting,” like Los Angeles or New York, gives you the best chance at finding a job, as these cities are constantly changing and growing. 

House, apartment, or house share?
If you have already been searching for “rooms for rent Los Angeles” or “apartments in New York,” you may have seen how many choices you have. You can rent an entire house, a room in an apartment, or share a family home with one or two people your age. If you are by yourself or have a partner, renting a room or apartment first is one of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to start your journey in the US.

The travel documentation you will need is relatively standard, except for adding a green card, which is necessary to enter the country. You can check online for an extensive list of paperwork needed, but obtaining all of it before you leave your home country is essential.

There are some pieces of paperwork that you don’t need to enter the country but will be required to open a bank account, get insurance, etc., and this paperwork will be hard to obtain once you are in the country.

English proficiency
While many people may know this already, having a basic grasp of the English language is crucial. Even though the country is relatively diverse, English is the most common language and the one you will use almost all the time.

Where will you work?
The most important long-term plan you must have is where you will work. There are two main ways to go about this: doing research and applications beforehand or being skilled in a trade, such as being a plumber, electrician, etc. While most cities, like Los Angeles and New York, will have a lot of jobs, it may take a bit more time to find one if you are moving somewhere smaller or less populated.

Moving your belongings
It is important to remember that moving with nothing makes your first few months in the country difficult. You may not know if you will have a furnished apartment, and you will likely not be able to pack everything you need in a couple of suitcases; therefore, you will need to ship your belongings.

Air cargo
If you are only shipping a few items, such as a couple of boxes or a few bags of clothes, air cargo is for you. It is relatively cost-effective and can reach your doorstep in less than two weeks.

Shipping container
If you are moving more oversized items, the best choice is to use a shipping container. Containers come in three standard sizes; you are charged by the container size, not the weight. While containers are much cheaper for shipping large amounts of goods, it can take several weeks, even a couple of months, to make the delivery.

Vehicle or public transport?
Once again, this depends on where you live, but you may need to prepare to purchase a car. If you live in a busy city, getting around is pretty easy as you can use trains, trams, buses, and taxis. On the other hand, not all US cities are walking cities, meaning you will need a car.

Having the necessary insurance you need is vital, and while you can’t get comprehensive insurance the moment you land, there are options for new-pass. An international health insurance policy will get you the coverage you need.

Bank account & paperwork
Finally, opening a bank account as soon as you can will allow you to start earning credit, saving money and allow you to open other accounts that you may need. You will need all of your identity information, proof of address, and starting deposit amount, which varies from bank to bank.

As mentioned, while moving to the US can be incredibly stressful and overwhelming, if you have all of the above in order, you will make the process more effortless and ensure you give yourself the best possible start in your new home. 

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