New property tips – Top tips for when you move into a new home


Moving into a new place no matter how nice the actual property is and how excited you were when your property manager recommended it to you. That’s because moving all of your things from one place to another, not to mention the lifestyle change can be quite the tiring experience. If you’re about to change your home in favor of something bigger and better, or just something different, make sure to take a look at these top tips so that you will be better prepared for when it’s time to start packing and loading up the car.

Ask your friends for help

When it’s time to actually move, ask your friends for help with moving all of your stuff. Sure, hiring a moving company can be great because they supposedly know the best routes from your old place to your new one, and they would do all the heavy lifting. But keep in mind that you pretty much put your life in those boxes and you probably want them to be handled with care.

There’s no one better than your own friends when it comes to respecting your things and making sure that they get to the new property safely and in one piece. There’s more to it than that however. Asking your closest friends to help you move is not just about the help, but also about the shared experience as it shows them you value them enough to include them in this major milestone of your life. Be sure to thank them afterwards with some food and drinks or something similar to show your appreciation.

Get a property manager

Just because you are moving to a new place doesn’t mean that the old one has to go in ruin. The best course of action would be to hire a property manager such as that can keep everything in order. If you bought a new house, you might want to keep the old apartment and rent it to someone. It can be a very sizeable income which will eventually help you pay off your house deposit for instance. It’s definitely a welcomed financial aid and a property manager can make it so it’s not a burden by taking care of all responsibilities.

Let everyone know where you’ve moved to


Remember that when you move to a new place, you no longer live at your old place. Yes, that’s pretty redundant, but some might forget the practical value of this information, which is that your friends and family might not know where you’ve gone to. Send out an email or mass message letting everyone know where you now live so that they know where to find you. After all, part of getting new property is having people over so you can brag about your new swimming pool and whatnot.

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