Moving Within The US After Moving From Abroad: What You Need To Consider



Relocating to the United States can be an exciting opportunity. You could have moved for personal or professional reasons but now are considering another move within the country. The US has so much to offer in terms of culture that a new city can offer a completely different experience. Depending on where you move, the difference could be viewed as negative or positive.

The weather is also a huge consideration when moving anywhere, regardless of country. Florida is a state that offers warm weather most of the year but does come with flooding and hurricanes. Moderate climates like that in San Francisco can come with droughts and fires, which have plagued Northern California. The Midwest is riddled with unpredictable tornados which can ravage a city in a matter of minutes.


Creating a list of features a city will need to consider a move is a wise strategy. You might find a city might be great for the lifestyle you want to live in compared to your current home. Below are features to consider, along with details to consider before moving within the United States.

Can You Really Afford The Move?

The cost of living differs vastly in the US, as rental prices in cities like New York are astronomical. If you are moving for personal reasons, you are going to have to cover all of the expenses yourself. Luckily, long distance movers can be found to help make the process more convenient. Adding up all of the potential costs for the move along with the costs in your new location is of the utmost importance. You do not want to find out that your move put you in financial peril in a matter of months.


The new city you are considering might have a far lower cost of living. You could find your quality of life improves while you are saving more money monthly. With remote work, there are so many people flocking to cities that are affordable yet still offer great entertainment and educational options.

Moving For Professional Reasons

Moving for professional reasons can happen if you are offered a huge pay increase and a better title. Keeping a home in the city you live in can be an option as you can rent the home out. You do not want to uproot yourself unless you are sure the new role is going to last for years. You could end up getting a job back at the old location you worked as the head of a branch. Ask for relocation assistance as this will be an option as it can be a perk of moving for the new position.

How Many Possessions Will You Be Bringing?

You do not have to cut down on the possession that you currently own with long distance movers. You can pack everything at your current residence and expect it at your new residence in a matter of days. The truth is that you will likely spend more money replacing items than you would on movers. The hectic nature of moving allows you to relax by using this convenient service. You can even have your car driven to your new location, but this can be a bit pricey, depending on the distance.

The Culture Of Your New US City

A person from a foreign country might want to find a city that has a number of ex-pats from their home country. Larger cities tend to have hubs that cultures have flocked to. The other side of this is that some locations might not be very friendly to someone that is obviously foreign. Up-and-coming cities in the US where it is great to raise a family include Raleigh and even Tampa. Both cities sport warm weather along with local cultures that can be embraced. North Carolina does have a far better public school system than Florida, which routinely ranks at the bottom of the 50 states.

Will You Need A Car?

Certain states simply make it nearly impossible to use public transport to get to and from work. Waiting for hours for the only bus of the day to not come is common in areas with public transportation that is lacking. A car can be a monthly expense you incorporate into your calculation in regard to your cost of living. Insurance rates can differ by hundreds of dollars depending on the state which you should research.


Moving within the US is going to be easier than moving from abroad. The vast geography of the country has nearly anything a person wants, and the country has so many climates. Take time to make sure you are moving to the right location, as even a few miles down the road can make a huge difference.


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