Moving to Florida? Here’s What You Need to Know



According to recent statistics, nearly 1,000 people are moving to Florida every day. Maybe it’s the weather or it could be the looser COVID restrictions, but whatever the reason, Florida is an extremely popular place to move to. But, as with any move, you should always prepare yourself before you get there because it might be very different from what you’re used to. Here’s what you should know about Florida before you move in.

There Are Many Retirees in Florida

This is just a fact of life in the Sunshine State. When people get older and are no longer bound to live where they work, they often choose a state that offers warm weather all year long. Florida is one such state that also has the advantage of being near some of the best beaches in the world. For retired people, living on or near the beach is one of their dreams that they’re finally fulfilling. 

But, Florida has plenty to offer to young people and families, too. For example, there are dozens of amusement parks all over the state and places like Miami are full of millennials and older Gen Zers. The nightlife is second to none and you’ll find more things to do with your time than you’ll actually have time for.

North and South Florida Are Very Different

Be sure you research the area of Florida in which you intend to live. If you enjoy the party life, southern Florida is the perfect landing place for you. If you’re concerned about hurricanes and other volatile weather, you may want to stick to the northern part of Florida, which is less vulnerable to harsh weather conditions. If you’ve already made the decision to move to southern Florida, you’ll want to brush up on hurricane safety and make sure you have access to real-time weather alerts.

Tourism is a Fact of Life in Florida

Florida is one of the top travel destinations in the world thanks to its warm weather, sandy beaches, clear waters, and entertainment options. No matter where you live in Florida, you’re going to have to deal with tourists and snowbirds (people who live in warm climates during the winter months and return to their northern homes during the summer). Keep in mind that tourists help keep the state’s economy humming along, so you might want to give them some grace even if you think they’re a hassle once in a while.

Wildlife is Truly Wild

One aspect of living in Florida that you might not consider is that there will probably be wildlife that you’ve never encountered before. Alligators, large snakes, lizards, armadillos, and other warm-weather-loving animals can be found everywhere in Florida. It’s nothing to be afraid of, but you should be prepared in case you come across one of these animals for the first time.


There are many benefits to moving to Florida, including the weather, lower taxes, and proximity to the ocean. But don’t forget to consider all aspects of the state and not just the most obvious. This way, you’ll be better prepared for all that awaits you in this incredible state.

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