Moving Home? Here’s a Checklist to Make Sure You’ve Got Everything Covered


Moving homes can be stressful. But it needn’t be. Hopefully, this article can relieve a bit of stress with a few simple tips that will help you get everything planned out before the move. Assuming you’ve already actually signed on the property and have a new place to move into, what do you do next?

The best thing to do is to plan carefully so that you’ve got everything in place. Some moves become stressful because you forget one major issue or haven’t planned for specific eventualities. Hopefully, some of these tips will get you in check.

Get your bills switched

One major annoyance when you move home is that you still get charged for bills at your old home, or you still get mail sent to your old address. Make sure to make a list and place calls so that everyone knows exactly when you’re moving and when you’re no longer responsible for your old home. While it can be difficult to notify everyone of your change of address, you might want to put in place a forwarding address for any mail that goes to where you used to live.

Get a removal specialist in place

There’s a big difference in quality between a good quality removals experts and a poor one. Some of the best removal specialists will have seen it all and done it all before, including moving especially fragile items and judging the safest travel times. They should be able to cope with your move without too much trouble.


Make sure they’ve got a professional team who treats your items with care. Ask around for personal recommendations if you can, as these can go a long way. If you’re moving long distance, make sure you’ve got the right firm to do this in a speedy and professional manner. Also, make sure you can afford their quote from the start.

Make sure your new property is ready to move into

If there are any issues in your new property, you’ll want to get them fixed before you move in – especially if they could affect your quality of living. If you’ve got issues like dampness or electrical problems, you might want to get someone to fix them BEFORE the move. That way, everything can go as smoothly as possible in what would otherwise be an otherwise stressful time.

Make sure you’ve got utilities ready

Aside from getting sent bills from your old home – you’ll also want to make sure everything is ready to be switched on at your new property. This might take some planning, but there’s little more frustrating than moving into a new property and not being able to switch the lights on or run the tap just because of an administrative error. Make sure these are ready to go when you need them.

Introduce yourself to your new neighbours

Possibly one of the best ways to make your new home life go smoothly is to introduce yourself to your new neighbours as early as possible. It’s a step many people forget, but it’s a great way to get into community life and not seem like an outsider.

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