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The ultimate moving checklist is the starting point of every bound-to-be-successful move. Concerning the complexity of the whole process, it is vital to have control and keep an open eye on all the errands to be completed. If created properly, the list should include all the tasks of key importance to achieve a smooth, problem-free relocation. Hence, devote your time and serious thinking to the creation of the ultimate moving checklist. We can also help by providing you with a few useful pieces of advice. If you are having family issues and cannot devote yourself to produce the ultimate moving checklist, You can always ask a family lawyer for advice.

Define the categories within the ultimate moving checklist
A thorough and carefully crafted moving checklist should include several categories. These cover not only the moving day but the period preceding and following the moving day as well. Interestingly and yet completely true, your move does not finish as soon as your items are delivered safely at the new address.  There are still some tasks to complete before you finally settle in and relax.


The ultimate moving checklist categories
Including the following categories into your ultimate moving checklist is compulsory:

·        Conducting the necessary research

·        Careful planning

·        Preparation for the moving process

·        Packing of your possessions

·        Dealing with the paperwork

·        Moving day tasks

·        Planning the initial period at your new home

Conducting necessary research prior to relocation
To find the best option for your move and orchestrate the whole process effectively, conducting research is necessary. It is advisable to get down to it at least 2 or 3 months before the moving date.  The information you need to search for includes the following:

·        Choosing the ideal home for your family – Capitalize on the fact that you have an abundance of time to make the final decision. Your choice is critical for the whole family, so choose slowly, smartly and carefully.

·        Legal terms concerning your move – These need your full attention if you are moving abroad.

·        The moving budget you can afford – Finances are always of utter importance in any project, so relocation is not an exception to this rule. Knowing the amount of money at your disposal, you will be able to make reasonable and objective decisions. This factor greatly affects other moving decisions you need make – whether you will be living in the city or the suburbs, whether you will hire professional movers or opt for a DIY move, and many others.


·        Trustworthy moving companies to be in charge of your move – Having professional assistance when moving matters immensely. The success of the whole process depends highly on this factor. Hence, research is necessary to find respectable movers you can trust and rely on. Judging by a great number of satisfied clients, choosing the movers available at is an intelligent choice.

Listing the planning-related tasks
Ideally, serious planning commences 2 months before the relocation. The preparation tasks should not be handled at haste. Otherwise, you seriously risk losing control over the process. The preparation tasks to be included in your ultimate moving checklist are the following:

·        Decluttering – Decluttering significantly affects the packing process and eventually the cost of the whole move as well. As soon as possible, explore your household items and decide which of them go to the new home location with you. The items you do not need, want or use anymore can be given to a charity or even sold.

·        Finding a storage solution – If you need storage services after moving to the new living space. It is high time you started looking for what suits your needs and meets your requirements.

·        Contacting potential helpers for a DIY move – Although we highly recommend hiring professional help due to understandable reasons, a DIY move is never excluded as an option. If this is your final choice, you need to contact your potential helpers as soon as possible. Thus, you will know whether they are willing or able to help.

·        Signing the moving contract – If, however, you choose to hire movers for this endeavor, the preparation phase implies booking your movers and signing the moving contract.

Preparation-related tasks on the ultimate moving checklist
During the preparation period, it is crucial to provide enough of the high-quality packing supplies that will guarantee the safety of your items during relocation. Moving companies offer packing services to their clients, so you can benefit from hiring one. Paying special attention to valuable and fragile items is compulsory. Think well whether you are skilled, experienced and knowledgeable enough to handle this process on your own if a DIY move is your choice.

Packing – the core of every relocation process
The fact that packing is the core of every relocation process does not come as a surprise. A great majority of people say that it is not just the packing of your items. It goes far beyond that. Actually, you pack your whole life and memories and relocate them to a new location. Unsurprisingly, this is never easy, especially when you are leaving some fascinating place you adore, when you are moving out of Sunny Isles Beach, FL for example. Will your new destination bring the same thrill and joy? The answer is always shrouded in mystery.


As you may guess, the packing should also be conducted without haste and carefully. It is desirable to start a few weeks before the moving date. Items you do not use on a regular basis are to be packed first. Furthermore, labeling the boxes is something you should never forget. It keeps you organized, helps the movers execute the moving process successfully and eases the unpacking as well.

Paperwork is an inseparable part of the ultimate moving checklist
Dealing with paperwork can be quite annoying, but is inevitable after you find a perfect home and eventually decide to move. Errands you need to arrange include:

·        Completing the change of address form at the post office

·        Informing relevant people and institutions about your decision to move

·        Canceling or changing the ongoing subscriptions

·        Compulsory transfer of your medical records.

·        Arranging utilities – defining the shutting off and then turning on dates

On a moving day
The moving day will differ immensely if professional movers are by your side and if you are involved in a DIY move. Unsurprisingly, the first option is much more convenient and much less stressful. With reputable movers, you have the luxury to be an observer of the moving process. Otherwise, you will have to be involved in a lot of heavy lifting and carrying, which is very demanding.

Home sweet home
The final points on the ultimate moving checklist are related to the period following your relocation. When your items safely arrive at the destination, pay your movers and relax. If they have provided you with the premium-quality service, tipping them is an option.  You still need to unpack, but you can work at your own pace and according to your preferences. Organizing a housewarming party is a perfect manner to celebrate the new beginning.




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