Just bought a new home? 6 essentials to check before you move in.



It’s always an exciting time when you move into a new house, and the chances are there are a million details to think about. You’ll want to be able to settle down in your new surroundings as quickly as possible, so checking that the essentials are in place before your big moving day, will help ensure there are no last-minute hitches.

     1)     Check repairs have been carried out

It’s far easier to check that the vendors have completed any agreed repairs, and left behind whatever was included in your purchase, while the house is still empty.

Also, it’s the perfect moment to check for any signs that additional repairs may be needed.  For example, if you spot dripping taps or suspicious water stains around the base of the bath or washbasin, get in touch with Manchester plumbers Lacey Plumbing, or a company near you, for an expert assessment.

With the living space empty, it’s a great moment to plans any improvements, such as new carpets, hardwood floors, or a new decorating scheme, before you start arranging your possessions

     2)     Connect the utilities

Of course, you’ve requested that your electricity, gas, heating, a/c, water, and internet will be connected before you move in.  But a check to make sure it’s actually happened can help you avoid horror stories about your move,  and ensure you don’t spend the first few days ‘camping out’  in your new home without power or water.

It’s also a good time to locate the fuse box and the main water valve, so that in case of emergency, you won’t find yourself frantically searching for a way to cut the supply.

     3)     Ensure kids and pets will be safe

If you’re moving in with kids or pets, give yourself peace of mind by installing any safety measures for kids or pets before their arrival – for example, stair gates to prevent falls, and secure fencing so they can’t run out into the street while your back is turned.

     4)     Secure your property

Ideally, arrange to meet a locksmith at the property and have all the locks changed- you just won’t know who could have copies of the original keys.  Make sure your belongings will be safe when from the moment they arrive.  If there’s an alarm system – change all the codes before you move in. 

     5)     Deep clean

This is the time to do a really deep clean-so you’ll feel comfortable from the moment you start unpacking.  If it’s really going to be a big job, you may save time by hiring a team of professionals to do the work.  Leave it to them to ensure that your new home is spotless and hygienic, while you concentrate on other things.

     6)     Introduce yourself

Meeting your neighbors before your move is a great idea. If they’re not around  – maybe they’re at work -then a short, friendly note can be enough to break the ice.

Take care of all these details so you’ll be able to focus on the exciting, if slightly chaotic, business of settling happily into your new home!

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