Is It Time to Move to a Smaller Place?


Many of us dream of living in a grandiose home that has bathrooms that are as big as its numerous rooms. We envision looking up to high ceilings that feature the most exquisite of chandeliers and other forms of hanging lights and decor.

While this may be an image to fantasize about, reality bites and tells us that living in such a big house is not always a good and practical idea. Big houses take a village to maintain, and we are not really living in a time when trustworthy attendants are easy to get and retain. Not only that, we are also a generation that doesn’t seem to need or want a procession of servers. Independent living is actually what’s in now, and even houses of standard sizes can become too much, once maintaining them demands more than what we are willing to give.

The paragraphs that follow outline some of the compelling reasons you should ditch your current spacious home and move to a smaller dwelling place.  

You don’t have the time or energy to clean

When you’re so busy juggling work, time for yourself, and moments with the ones that you love, cleaning a home the size of a standard bungalow will start to feel like cleaning a mansion! Take a step back and honestly analyze your schedule. Can you still really make time for cleaning without compromising time for much needed rest? If you answer no, then perhaps you should start packing up and rent or buy yourself a smaller house that’s a lot easier to keep clean.

If you’ve become so busy that cleaning after yourself really becomes a chore (that you evade like a rebellious teenager), don’t even think of just letting the house get buried in dust and trash. You will be compromising your health if you do so, and that is an even bigger problem.

You have long-term goals that require funds

Let’s face it; maintaining a house requires time and money. There is a need to check the plumbing system regularly. The roof has to be repaired once in a while. Paint has to be redone because exposure to sun and rain has washed its color away. Whether or not you can afford these depends not only on your current income but also on your outlook for the future. If you examine your finances and you feel like the money spent on home maintenance is better spent on a long-term endeavor, then it’s time to really consider a sure cost-cutting measure — leave your current place and move to a smaller one that’s a lot cheaper to manage and maintain.

You live alone

A person living solo surely doesn’t need that much space. Keeping your area small is not only practical but also environmentally helpful. When we go psychological, a large empty space might make you feel lonely and isolated. So, it might be for the better if you decide to vacate the big place that you currently have and move to one that offers just enough space for an independent person living on their own like you.

Of course, just because you opt for a smaller place doesn’t really mean that you give up comfort and ease. There are actually tiny houses that offer those and more. If you want to know about them, read more at

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