How to Stay Focused During a Move

Stay organized

If you are disorganized when you are packing for a move, you can easily end up increasing the amount of time that you will need to put in while you pack and unpack. It will be nearly impossible to keep your focus if this is the case.

You should do things like labelling each box with what room it will go in such as “kitchen”.  You should also get rid of anything that you will not need long before your move. When you stick to organization during the packing process, keeping focus will be a breeze.

Plan ahead

Planning will help you make your move much easier which will help you focus on what is most important during your move.

For starters, you should book your move a few months in advance. However, before you even do this, you should do thorough research on the moving companies that you are considering using. You can do this by going online and reading reviews on sites like Google and Angie’s List. Make sure that any company you are considering using has a good reputation among its past customers.

Once you have your move booked you should consider what you are going to do with your car during the move. If it is a long-distance move, you should consider shipping your car to your new home. This will allow you to have a nice easy trip ahead of you without any route planning.

Finally, you should create a moving timeline. A moving timeline is essentially a detailed to-do list that you will follow during the entire process of your move. This will help you prepare for each moving task as well as to prioritize them.

Minimize your workload

Your moving timeline will help you prioritize which tasks are the most important. Prioritizing during your move is critically important if you want to maintain focus. When you are prioritizing specific moving tasks, you are essentially minimizing the unnecessary work many people unknowingly do during a move.

This includes throwing out unnecessary things long before the move. It will also include making sure that you and the movers have easy access to the boxes. This means that once you have everything packed, you should get as much of it close to your front door as possible. This way you will cut down on unnecessary trips across the whole house or up and down the stairs.

Get rid of any distractions

If you have children or pets, make sure that they will not be distracting you during the move. You can always have another family member or friend look after them on moving day. You should also consider shutting off your phone or at least putting it on “Do not disturb” while you are in the process of packing for your move.

Also be sure that you have everything else taken care of well ahead of time. If you need to say goodbye to any neighbors, do so a couple days ahead of the move. You will need to change your postal address, so we recommend that you do that a week or so in advance of moving day. Finally, if you have chosen to ship your car to your new home, try to arrange your pickup date to be at least a couple days ahead of moving day. The auto transport pickup process can sometimes take over an hour and will require your attention during that time.

Take breaks

Like any other time consuming and arduous tasks, you need to take breaks and refresh yourself when you are packing and moving. You should break for at least a few minutes every hour. Feel free to do whatever you please during your breaks such as going online, eating, using your phone, or just sitting and resting for a bit. Do whatever helps you regain a high level of focus quickly.

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