How to find cheap movers near me


Moving house does not only come with the expenses of moving but the expenses that you will incur as soon as you have relocated. To save for those expenses, it becomes important to plan a move on a tight budget. But moving on a tight budget implies searching for moving services that are cheap but don’t compromise on quality. This sounds like a next to impossible task, but it isn’t. Cheap movers with good quality services are not non-existent, they exist, but you need to be on your toes to find these movers. In this article, we will discuss the steps you can follow to find a cheap local moving company in your vicinity.

These are the steps you can follow to locate cheap movers that offer good quality services.

Start searching for cheap movers

The first step to start with is to start searching for cheap moving services around you. Because of their cheap rates, these moving services will already be in demand, so you need to gear up with your search and make an appointment as soon as possible. As soon as you decide to move, start finding movers around you. If you start looking for movers, one or two months before your move, you can start the hunt, more time implies you get time to search and you can choose the mover from a pool of movers that you have shortlisted.

Recommendations and reviews

To be sure that the moving service you have shortlisted provides a good service, you need to look for recommendations and reviews. First, let us talk about reviews.

You can find Google reviews about a moving company, and their pros and cons as well. Study the pros and cons carefully. Read customer reviews, you will get fruitful and useful insights about the services of the company. Reviews give you a clear picture and keep you away from any sorts of frauds or scams. For instance, if a moving company gives you a cheaper quote and then, later on, add on other costs and the price of the move shoots up and you will be at a loss. To avoid such a situation, read the customer reviews of every company you shortlist. Because your goal is to find a cheap moving company whose services are of good quality.

If you have trustable friends or relatives, you have taken moving services in the past, then you can ask them to recommend moving services to you. This is because which cheap moving company is the best. Every company will try to give you the surety that you won’t face any trouble because of them. If you are lucky enough, then there may be someone you know who has moved recently, take the opportunity, talk to them, and request them to provide you the contact details and tell you about their services. Your friends will try to recommend you the best service in town. However, take note that there are chances that friends and relatives may not be able to help you in finding the best services, customer reviews can help you in such a situation. For instance, my friend in California took recommendations from her pals and checked Google reviews before booking a moving company, and it proved very helpful for her. It is a time-taking task so you must initiate it one or two months before your move.

Request in-home survey for price estimates

Request moving companies to conduct an in-house survey before providing you with the moving quote. In-house, the move is one where moving professionals come to your house and survey every item before providing you a quote. An in-house survey will give them a clear image of the items they need to load, and if there will be any difficulties in moving the belongings out of the house like long stairs, sharp corners, compact or tight corridors, etc. An in-house move will also give a guarantee that there will be no surprises or issues on moving day and the price will not increase drastically on moving day.

Check the legal status of movers

Next time you need to make sure that the moving company you are making an appointment with provides the best services is to check for their legal status. You need to check for licensing, an interstate mover will surely be licensed by the US Department of transportation, and a reputable moving company will be a part of the American Moving and Storage Association. If the company has both, then you can rely on its services. The last thing that you can check is the website and the social media pages of the company. If the website and the social media pages are well developed and have everything in place, then you can trust them.


Now as you have the list of all the movers and their quotes, now it is time to compare and choose the best mover. For obvious reasons, you will choose price as the base for comparison, but the price should not be the only parameter, recommendations and reviews should also be considered. Some quotes are maybe even cheaper than you expected. So try to figure out the reasons behind prices being so cheap, talk to the experts, and clarify all your doubts before you jump to a conclusion. Talk to the experts if you are unable to have clarity in thoughts to keep yourself away from any hike in prices or poor services on moving day.


If your move is short-distance, then you can try and negotiate for a lower quote. The moving prices are negotiable because everything is finalized after they have a look at the items that need to be moved. Moreover, if you find the moving cost expensive and out of your budget, then call up the professionals and tell them you will book their services only when they lower down the prices.

Finding cheap movers with good quality services is a daunting task and demands time and attention. Following these steps can make it a bit stress-free.

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