How Self Storage Units Can Help When You’re Moving Abroad


Relocating is a big step, even more so when it involves moving to another country, and with so much to organise, it could be likened to a major logistical challenge. Moving house in the same town is no easy thing, but when oceans apart, it takes on a whole new meaning. If you are about to relocate to pastures new, here are some things to consider.

Timing the Move

This is difficult at the best of times, what with property deadlines and contractual obligations, and if you are moving to a foreign country, you will need some reliable storage space. Modern self-storage units are both affordable and secure, and with round the clock access, you can turn up at any time. Shipping schedules are notoriously tight, and your valuables will need to be stored until the time comes for it to be loaded onto the ship, which might be days, or even weeks.

Container Shipments

Moving abroad will undoubtedly involve shipping containers, and you will have a choice of how to arrange the shipment. The empty container(s) can be delivered to your home, where everything is loaded up and secured. Then, have the container(s) delivered to a reliable storage facility until the time comes to take it to the docks to be loaded onto the vessel. The other solution is to have the container(s) delivered to the storage facility, then you can move the contents of your home at your leisure. Modern tilt trucks can easily transport both 20 and 40 foot containers, so the move should go without a hitch, as long as you find a reliable transport company to facilitate the container delivery and collection.

Where to Start?

The best place to begin is by packing all the items you do not use, and this can be done well in advance, and should not affect the day to day running of the house. This would probably fill a small container, and that can be stored until the time comes for the move. Then, as the time nears, the second container can be filled with the essential items, ready to join the first container in storage. If you are looking for reliable storage facilities in the Perth area, click here for more information.

The Right Storage Facility

If you are going to leave all of your possessions with someone, you need to be sure the facility is secure, not only that, the storage company should have adequate types of storage, with outside space than can be used to store containers. The facility should be accessible at any time of day or night, and with round the clock security, your valuables will be in safe hands until it is time to meet the ship at the docks.

Arranging a foreign relocation will certainly test your organisational skills, and with the help of a reliable storage facility, the move should go ahead without incident. Planning is everything, and make sure you start to do this as soon as you know the move will happen, as time has a habit of creeping up on you.

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