Do I Need To Use A Removal Company?


Every year, 5% of the population moves house within the UK, and more than 5 million Brits also own a second property abroad that is used for holidays, or to let out and provide a second income. When you are moving home or furnishing a new property, one of the big expenses is the cost of actually relocating furniture and personal possessions. You don’t need to use a professional removal company to do this, and you may find that there is a substantial saving if you do the job yourself. However, you might also want to consider the volume of items that you wish to move, and also whether you have anything that needs a specialist, such as a piano. 

The cost aspect

If you want to move 50 miles up the road into a three bedroom house, according to Compare My Move, the average cost is £1,181. This includes packing material. You could, however, hire a Luton van for as little as £50 a day. You can also use your own vehicle for moving smaller possessions. Owners note the space and practicality of minivans in reviews, so they’re ideal for moving boxes of goods and delicate breakables. They are also more economical on fuel than larger vans. The downside of moving yourself, is that you may find that you have to do many trips to and from your new house. If you have several weeks in which to move your possessions, this may not be a problem, but if you have to complete and move on the same day, then this simply might not be feasible. 

Your possessions

When you look around your home, it is easy to underestimate the amount of possessions you have. Although your living area might look organised, it is likely that you have cupboards and storage spaces that are full. You should also consider the items that you have under beds, in the loft, and outside in sheds. It may be that you will need to hire professional movers due to the sheer quantity of items you own. 

Specialist items

If you have specialist items, such as fragile, antique furniture or large musical instruments, then it is advisable to bring in a professional moving firm that has experience in relocating these items. You may also struggle moving large, bulky items such as wardrobes or divan beds without help. It is also worth considering that a good removal company will have the necessary insurance that’s needed in case of breakages or damage. If you’re moving items by yourself, you will not be covered financially if something goes wrong. 

You always don’t need to use a removal company if you want to move house. You should, however, consider the type of items that you want to move and the logistics of moving them. 

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