There is an expression in Australia that goes like this: forewarned is forearmed… This means that planning is an essential process that should not be ignored when moving overseas. The process is easier when you effectively plan every single step of your move. You should avoid keeping your packing and shipping plans till the last minute.

This guide is, therefore, meant to provide a complete checklist that will help you through the planning process and assure a smart, stress free move – also, visit One of the most important things to remember is to organise a bank account in your new home country and redirect your mail.

Your “moving-to-Australia” checklist


✓      Passport: be sure that your passport is up to date. If it is not, you should renew it before you leave.

✓      Driver’s license: make sure that your driver’s license is current and valid.

✓      Money: convert some cash to the local Australian currency in case you need cash when you arrive.

✓      Visa: obtain your visa and be sure of its entry and entrance conditions.

✓      Buy your plane tickets: arrange for your transport to the airport and obtain your plane tickets. You should also inform your family and friends of your departure so that they can say their goodbyes.

✓      Personal documentation: this involves putting together your birth certificate, academic qualifications, will, passport, birth certificate, driver’s license, marriage certificate, trust records, investment documents, insurance policies, adoption certificate, shipping documents, immunisation and other important medical history and certificates, etc.

✓      Photocopy and scan all of your personal documentation: be sure to scan and make photocopies of your personal documentation as listed above. This is a backup in case your luggage gets stolen or lost during the journey. Leave some copies with some of your family members or friends and distribute some copies amongst your belongings.

✓      Mobile phones and other communication devices: including your iPads, notepads, laptop, etc.

✓      Adaptors and chargers: it is possible that your electronic devices will not be compatible with the sockets in Australia. So, it would serve you well to bring an adaptor from home to charge your devices. You should consider purchasing a power board if you have more than a few devices. This will enable you to use only one adaptor to charge all your devices.

✓      Provide your family and friends with your new contact information: you should provide your new contact information to your family and friends so that they will be able to contact you after you leave.

✓      Inform the government of your move: if your country is one in which voting is mandatory, and depending on your duration abroad, it will be necessary to advise the proper department of your move to avoid attracting a penalty if you are required to vote or even be present at a jury service.

Leaving no Loose Ends before you Move:

✓      Packing: pack every item that you will no longer need and give them away or put them up for auction and channel the proceeds to your relocation fund. The ones you need should be shipped to your new place in Australia. You could also give away the furniture you no longer need to your family and friends. It is also advisable to verify with Australian customs on items that are allowed, or not allowed, into the country.

✓      Redirect your mail: and cancel certain subscriptions that are no longer needed.

✓      Cancel every ongoing transaction to your bank account: these may include TV licenses, council tax, travel cards, Spotify, broadband/internet, mobile, and car/life/home insurance.

✓      Consume or give away all perishables

✓      Have someone take care of outstanding matters that may come up after you have moved.


✓      Clear all outstanding bills and debt

✓      Set up bank accounts: some of which you may be able to do online.

✓      Apply for a credit card: or get informed on the documents required to be able to obtain one in Australia.

✓      Notify your financial institution of your move

✓      Request credit references from your bank: it might be imperative to have these papers before you can obtain a loan, a visa, or rent a home in Australia.

✓      Obtain the Swift code/Bank Code Number of your Australian account: this will enable you to transfer funds from your old home account to your Australian account through an MIT (International Money Transfer). This article on explains sending money abroad in further detail. 

✓      Notify the tax office of your move

✓      Obtain tax documents: inquire from the Australian Tax Office if those are required.

✓      Sort out your student loan


✓      Inform all home utilities departments of your move and pay off outstanding bills.

✓      Set up all utilities for your Australian home.


✓      Organise your accommodation at your new home in Australia

✓      Rent or sell your house back home


✓      Notify your employee of your move or find a manager for your business if you have one.

✓      Inform your referees of your move

✓      Employ recruitment and migration agents to facilitate your settling in and help you find work in Australia.

Insurance cover

✓      Obtain travel insurance

✓      Obtain health insurance

For the flight

✓      Keep your passport on you so that you can easily clear customs when you land

✓      Provide yourself with something to pass time with during your flight

✓      Obtain information on what the weather will be like when you arrive

Things to help you settle in easily after you arrive

✓      Obtain contacts of people that will be of some service to you when you arrive, e.g. a lawyer, electrician, doctor, etc.

✓      Learn local Australian lingo/slang

✓      Arrange transport from the airport to your residence for when you arrive.

✓      Obtain contact details of your country’s embassy in Australia

✓      Familiarise yourself with legal law and other rules in Australia, e.g. driving rules, etc.

✓      Hire a car

✓      Make arrangements for your prescription medication.

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