A guide to a smooth house move

There are only a few things more stressful than moving house and they include a divorce and losing your job, both very horrible things for anyone to go to. Moving house however, should be a joyous and refreshing occasion, one which signifies a new start. The things that make it so stressful are usually things that we can avoid and with some careful planning we can work around with ease. Here then is our guide to moving house smoothly:

Plan in advance

Get your packing materials in, go to your local supermarket and ask them for as many boxes as possible. Overstock boxes and newspapers for packaging and get a head start on filling them with the things you don’t use daily (books and pictures). If you start well enough in advance, you’ll find packing far easier and much less stressful than beginning the day before the big move.

Make a checklist

Know where you are up to. Have you cleaned the kitchen? When you should defrost the freezer? Looking ahead and writing up a checklist can help avoid last minute stressful moments, and can help you sit down and think properly about the mammoth task of clearing out an entire house. You can also keep track of what has already been done, and what there is left to do.

Get the professionals in

Don’t just hire a van and do it yourself. Getting professional home movers in can speed up the move on the day, and means that you won’t go ahead and break your back trying to lift that heavy sofa, or that antique bookshelf. You may also find one that can help you with the packing itself, meaning that another job will be out of your hands.

Organise your conveyancing

Conveyancing is one of the least talked about subjects of home moves, and yet it still ranks as one of the most stressful parts. The transfer of ownership documents is one of the most important things you can do, and you should not try and attempt to work out the legal processes yourself. Most people opt to hire a solicitor or a specialist to get you through the process, and this is highly recommended in advance of the move. Saga has a great guide through the process which should definitely be checked out.

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