6 Things To Remember When You Are Moving House


If you are moving house then these 6 things can help remind you of things commonly forgotten during this stressful time.

Moving house is really stressful. In fact, it is thought to be in the same league as having a baby or getting divorced. If you’ve ever moved house before you don’t need us to tell you how stressful the process can be.

With so much stress there often comes a distinct lack of memory as we try to juggle each and every business, family member, item, logistical nightmare and anything else that comes up day to day during the process.

To help you, we’ve got 6 things you need to remember when you’re moving house. So much can be easily forgotten in the chaos so it’s a handy list to have if you’re worried about forgetting important jobs.

Switching Utilities

It can be so easy to forget to switch the utilities and before you know it you’re paying two sets of bills. As soon as you know you’re moving let your current utility provider know.

Booking services

Booking services early means that you get the pick of the best possible companies and services without having to rush a decision. Services like moving van hire get booked up quickly in advance of the main house buying season, especially for Fridays and Saturdays.

So, it is important to book these things early to make sure that you have everything you need when it comes to moving day. Check out cheap self-storage facilities, removal companies, estate agents, and any other service you may need to use during this process. The sooner they are arranged and booked the better your chances of getting to pick the right service for you.

Child And Pet Care

It may be that on moving day childcare and pet care is something that you need to organise. Children and pets don’t do well with the chaos of moving day so if somebody can care for them that would probably be handy. If you don’t have friends or family that can step in then book these services early on to avoid disappointment.


We can often forget how huge the job of cleaning our current property is until it’s the day before moving. Then we realise we have a whole house to clean top to bottom within a few hours.

Remembering this early on means that you can start the process sooner – maybe cleaning a guest room and other rooms that aren’t used much well before moving day. Keep everywhere as pristine as you can so that the job of last minute cleaning is as minimal as possible.

Stress Is Part Of The Package

Stress – it’s just part of the package when it comes to moving house. It is something that you need to expect, so don’t be hard on yourself for feeling it day to day. We can often try to fight these feelings when realistically they are completely expected. And it’s not surprising when you add to all the tasks that need to be done the extra financial worry of the actual cost of moving house so give yourself a break.


Packing is something that we can often forget to prioritise, which can lead to poor packing as it gets closer to moving day and the clock starts ticking. If possible, pack whatever you can as early as possible and gradually take the boxes to your personal storage unit – that also makes moving in to the new place easier as you can take your time retrieving stuff from storage.

It means that you will have the time to properly pack your boxes and start to organise your house, giving you more room to clean. Try and schedule packing from the moment you know you are moving house, that way it won’t be something that ends up being rushed and risks damage to your possessions.

The tips above can help you remember to get certain things done sooner rather than later. That leaves you a little bit more time to deal with the stress of moving and it might even decrease the stress just a little bit too. Soon enough you’ll be in your new house enjoying this new chapter with your family, hopefully without having forgotten anything too.

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