5 Tips to Move Your Business Efficiently


Most frequently people are excited about the move, and especially if their company is enlarging. While employees may enjoy a couple of extra days-off the head of the company will be dealing with lots of issue connected to the relocation and taking care of all details. You already understand that to move your office efficiently you need to be very focused and careful. Below we prepared five easy tips that will help you perform office relocation easy and stress-less.

1. Make a schedule


As you will be in charge of everything it is very important to make a schedule of your every step of the relocation process and stick to it. When you know when you plan to move your office in Regina start planning your preparation process, packing, and finally the actual move. Check what can already be packed without influencing the working process and what must be packed at the last stage. Talk to your employees about the relocation and discuss the schedule you have created with them so that they are also able to help you at some point.

2. Allocate resources accordingly

Budget is frequently one of the main concerns of small businesses. Make sure that you plan it carefully to spare some money for hiring reliable movers and also putting aside some cash for equipment transportation. You need to think of your resources and separate them according to the needs. If, for instance, hiring a moving company is a must, then paying for packing can be avoided.

3. Hire movers


The idea of the importance of cooperation with professional moving company is clear, but it is essential to book your commercial mover no less than a month before the moving date. The process of hiring a moving company also requires some time for research and evaluation of the results, discussion of the details and signing a contract. Make sure that you have this time.

4. Update your vendors

If you do not want you mail to get lost or bills to be transferred to the wrong address, professionals in office relocation advise updating your vendor’s information about your company one to three month prior to the actual date. This time is needed for them to update all your new info, change mailing and contact address in your documents.

5. Update your data

And the final very important thing to do is update your information everywhere. As already stated above, you need to talk to the vendors first, but then Vic’s the Moving Man in Regina reminds that you need to notify your clients about your relocation. The best thing to do so is two weeks before the move, one week before the move, and then right after you move because people tend to forget information and little reminders will always be useful. Do not forget to update your website, letterhead, business cards, and any advertisements to ensure that every current or potential customer knows about your relocation and details of your new location and contact information.

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