5-Things to consider before changing Home



As exciting as moving into a new space can be, changing home is no easy feat. It is like transferring your entire life from one place to the other. Naturally, this excursion has a myriad of implications that you must navigate to complete the transition as seamlessly as possible.


From stressing over the need for secure storage to daydreaming about starting fresh, your experience will be riddled with a spectrum of emotions.


If you’re feeling on edge thinking about all the things you’ll have to do, take a breather! As long as you have a plan, changing home won’t be something to dread. You’ll be able to rejoice over all the great things about the move!


However, you must keep track of the important things to ease your journey as a whole. We’ve come up with 5 things you must consider and as long as you stick to them, chances are moving home will be something to look back and smile at.

Prepare for expenses

Anyone who has moved into a new house or apartment would tell you that the money spent on buying or renting property is only the tip of the iceberg. It’s a simplified expense that you’re already prepared to pay. However, the tiny expenses that sneak up on you throughout the transition can give you a terrible headache if you don’t prepare for them on time.


The cost of movers and temporary space for your valuables, regardless if you have booked cheap storage units, must be accounted for. Not to mention how the money you’ll spend on utility services, traveling, and doing more shop runs than usual can quickly pile up.


Organizing everything can give you greater clarity in terms of streamlined money management. It can also help you allocate your resources more efficiently so you can save up to the brim.

Dispose of, recycle and donate

Let’s be honest, not everything you own at the moment is useful. From the monkey lamp you bought inspired by an episode of Friends or the milk frother you never use because you hate coffee, such things are only taking up unnecessary space.


So, it doesn’t make sense to carry them along. Especially considering that you will have to pay for secure storage if you are required to empty your current location earlier than you’re expected to move. Verily, make sure you declutter the house, keep what you truly want or need, and give the rest away!

Manage your utilities in advance

Settling into a new space surrounded by homes can feel like the middle of nowhere if you don’t have access to things like Wi-Fi and cable. One of the most common mistakes homeowners make is delaying the ‘utility reactivation’ part of their move.


Trust us, you do not want to be sitting on the couch, munching on takeout, bored out of your mind because your connection to the rest of the world is partially severed.


Plus, don’t forget, changing home can be emotionally overwhelming and you will want to connect with your loved ones without having to pay expensive mobile data charges.

Hire a secure storage company

Managing the move without any professional assistance is downright impractical. You need to put all your stuff someplace safe during the transition and what better way to do that than through cheap storage units?


Today, you have the option to choose from a plethora of reliable storage companies. If we talk about town-favorites then STORED is the best choice. The company offers hassle-free collections and returns, highly secure storage, state-of-the-art moving facilities, and much more.


Thus, renting cheap storage units can take some of the burden off your shoulders and allow you to focus on other parts of your move.

Make a scheduled to-do list

When things get too daunting, knowing that you’ve already done half the things on the list can push you to keep going. With a scheduled to-do list, you’ll be able to navigate your moving journey in organized steps so that there are minimal rebuttals.


Moreover, keeping a list is a great way to ensure that you don’t miss out on any essential tasks. Safe to say, changing home can quickly turn into a nightmare when you skip something important!

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