5 Signs that it’s Time to Move to a New Neighborhood or City


There are times when you’ll experience a strong gut feeling that a major change in your life is imminent. That change could be finding a new job, going back to school, getting married or moving to a new neighborhood.

Often times though, the need for change is less clear and you’ll find yourself in limbo as you frantically weigh the pros and cons. If you face this dilemma when contemplating moving to a new neighborhood or city, you should pay attention to the following telltale signs that will help you clear any doubt on whether it’s indeed time to relocate.

1.  Stretched Finances
Money matters are often the number one reason for moving. If your finances are stretched thin and you find yourself constantly stressed out whenever your rent is due, it’s certainly time to think about living somewhere else. In certain cases, the unaffordability of your current residence won’t be so directly apparent. You may well afford to pay the rent on time, but find yourself steadily cutting down on entertainment, travel and even basic necessities.

If you have to think too hard about the cost of grabbing a drink with friends once in a while, that’s your wallet telling you it’s time to move. Make the most of authoritative online services such as TheUrbanAvenue to identify a city or neighborhood that you can afford to live in.

2.  Weather Concerns
Weather can drive you up the wall. Whether it’s too cold or too hot, too wet or too windy, the weather can prevent you from living life as you’d want to. Of course, most cities have what would be considered relatively good weather for much of the year. However, good and bad weather isn’t always so easily defined.

What may be comfortable for some may be unbearable for others. For instance, a person may have a medical condition that is aggravated by cold weather. If looking at the local weather forecast daily always fills you with dread, it’s probably best for your emotional and physical well-being to live in a place with a more acceptable climate.

3.  Bad Memories
Do you find yourself reliving difficult, sad or awkward moments too many times during your otherwise uneventful day? That might be because some of the things you see during the course of the day awaken tragic and depressing incidents from your past. The doctor’s office, nail salon or grocery store subconsciously remind you of someone or something you’d rather forget.

You might even find yourself making every effort to avoid certain people and places. That’s your heart telling you a different neighborhood, city or state is a better location for you to live a full life.

4.  Family Ties
Sometimes, you’d want to get closer or further away from family. Perhaps you’re living in a country or city that’s too far from your loved ones and have entered a stage in your life where you need close contact with them. Such close contact may be due to something that you are going through or something they are facing. Think about a parent with a terminal illness or a sibling with special needs.

Alternatively, (especially for those just starting out their adult life), you probably feel you live too close to your family to be yourself. Venturing to a different city can allow you to grow as you experience the world on your own. Either way, family plays a big part in determining where you want to live.

5.  New Goals
Maybe you moved to your current location for a job promotion, better pay or just to revitalize your dating life. After you’ve lived there for a while, chances are that these goals have either been realized or their novelty has steadily worn off. Either way, it’s time to set new goals. There’s a likelihood that your new goals will not be attained in your current setting.

If you were single and are now married with kids, school districts and playgrounds mean more to you than bars and clubs. If your career advancement has stagnated, it may be time to look at a different location for growth opportunities.

Moving to a new city or neighborhood can be positively life changing. However, the benefits are not automatic which means the decision on when and where to move shouldn’t be taken lightly, especially if it’s hundreds of miles away from where you currently live.

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