4 Reasons St Paul is Awesome


While Minneapolis and St Paul are often called the twin cities, they both have their fair share of differences. While there are advantages to both cities, St. Paul stands apart for a variety of reasons and might be more suited for your lifestyle and expectations. In this article, we’re going to give you four reasons why you should consider relocating to St. Paul.

While Minneapolis is fast paced, St. Paul is more laid back. St. Paul has a night life, though, and if that’s what you’re looking for, downtown St. Paul along Grand Avenue is the place to be. The west side of Grand Avenue caters more to college students, while the east side is more suited to the older and more refined crowd.

There are an amazing number of things to do in St Paul, and there is something for everyone. You could catch a game at Midway Stadium. Como Park is a great place to visit with the family. The lake and trails around it are perfect for a stroll. The Como Town Amusement Park and Zoo provide a little more excitement for the kids. Or you could take them to the Minnesota Children’s Museum. The Trust for Public Land ranked the city’s parks as second best in the nation, only beaten by neighboring Minneapolis.

Lowertown is the city’s arts district, and the St. Paul Art Crawl showcases their works. For the more cultured among us, the Ordway Center for Performing Arts hosts operas, classical music and musical shows. St. Paul is home to the Fitzgerald Theatre, as well, most famous for its “Prairie Home Companion” broadcast. It stages productions throughout the year.

St. Paul hosts a number of festivals throughout the year. St. Paul is home to the Irish Fair of Minnesota, which is the largest in the nation. The St. Paul Winter Carnival hosts ice sculpting in addition to parades and a wealth of winter activities. The Crashed Iced Race is a world-famous downhill ice racing event held every winter. St. Paul is home to the Twin Cities Book Festival in addition to the Minnesota Book Awards. Or you could visit the Twin Cities Antiquarian & Rare Book Fair held in St. Paul each year.

The University of Minnesota has a campus in St. Paul. St. Paul is also home to Macalester College, a private and well-regarded liberal arts college. And it is home to many high quality public and private schools. For everyone else, Minneapolis contains many independent bookstores and has very high employment in the publishing industry. The city is home to three Carnegie libraries.

Real Estate
St. Paul’s has often been called the most livable city in America, and for a reason. St. Paul offers a number of family-friendly suburbs in addition to its downtown core. If you’re looking for Victorian mansions, Summit Avenue is where you’ll want to be. There are many Victorian buildings on Historic Hill. Artists may be interested in learning about its variety of affordable artists housing.

St. Paul, Minnesota is a vibrant, artistic, family-friendly city hosting diverse events year-round. And it is the perfect town if you’re looking for a laid back, slower paced city with tons of culture and a great nightlife.

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