10 Things That You Could Do to Have a Stress-Free Moving Experience


Moving has a reputation for being an extremely stressful activity. Such is the case because it requires hundreds of tasks that need to be done within a timeline that involves numerous objects and groups of people. Not to mention, a transfer of a whole set-up system (that needs to be dismantled one-by-one) to a brand-new location (that will require everything to be set up anew). There are just too many factors involved. Hence, people with no moving experience can get easily confused, overwhelmed, and stressed. This post is for you if you belong to that group. We talked to experts and collected premium moving tips that you could easily deploy to make moving an enjoyable and truly stress-free experience. Believe it or not, it is possible. You simply just have to do the following: 


1. Have a checklist.

The easiest way to get full control of your moving experience – or any activity actually – is to have a clear checklist, or consult one of the many moving guides that are out there. You will not be easily startled and overwhelmed if everything that you need to do is neatly listed. It will remove the need to overthink if you’ve forgotten something or if there’s something missing. Thinking of stuff that you may have forgotten causes much stress and you should avoid it at all costs. Hence, it’s best if before you even begin, you take time to sit down with a pen and paper – or a spreadsheet – and enlist everything that needs to be done. This will make moving 500% easier. Because when you’re confused and feeling stuck, you can easily return to the list and find your center.

2. Prepare all needed materials in advance.

This is an underestimated tip that all should seriously follow. Everything will simply be done smoothly and flawlessly if everything that you’d need would be prepared in advance. Aim to prepare every material – boxes, markers, tapes – at least a week before you start with your moving timeline. 

3. Schedule a clean-up before moving.

A clean-up should be scheduled before you begin actual packing. Cleaning up will allow you to easily determine the things that you’d like to bring with you and the things that you already need to dispose of – by either selling or donating. Doing this will cut your packing time in half because you wouldn’t need to bring as many items to your new space. 

4. Start packing as early as possible.

Packing is something that can be overwhelming if not dealt with logically. The number of items that need to be packed can be distressing and discouraging for many. So much so that a lot of people find themselves procrastinating. This should never be the case. The trick with packing is it becomes lighter and easier if done day by day and with no rush. Hence, it’s best if you could start packing as soon as you can. Dedicating a day or two for it just won’t cut it. It would tire you like crazy. The best way to go is to pack day by day even for short periods of time. 

5. Label your boxes

Labeling your boxes will streamline your moving process. This is because labeled boxes would remove the need for you to have to go through each box whenever you need something. It would also make it easier for you to determine the placement of each box come the time that they need to be transported. 

6. Regulate your emotions.

Regulating your emotions will help you greatly during a moving process. This is something that you need to intentionally do as it will be very easy for you to let go of your mental health when the time that things get moving. Moving in itself is a deeply emotional experience as it involves moving to a brand-new location and leaving everything that you’re comfortable with and used to behind. Take time to process such big emotions but don’t let them get in the way. Schedule pauses and moments for reflections. Have pockets of silence and always affirm to yourself that you can handle everything.  

7. Intentionally make all tasks easier.

This is actual expert advice that you should deploy on all tasks and decisions that need to be made during the moving process. Always prioritize the option that will make it easier for everyone involved. You do not need to pressure yourself at all. 

8. Ask family and friends for help.

You can also make things easier for you if you’d ask your family and friends if they could dedicate some time to help you. Things will be done easier if more people will be on deck. You’d also greatly enjoy their company. 

9. Ensure everyone’s safety.

Always ensure that all people involved — your kids, your family, friends, and hired movers – are safe at all times. Keep heavy, fragile, and toxic items at particular locations that will not cause confusion. Toxic, fragile, and breakable items should not be easily accessible to children. Children should also not be playing around while movers are doing their work. Plan everyone’s safety ahead to remove much stress from your system. 

10.  Save money across all end-points.

You will experience less stress if you’d make it a point to save on money every time you could. You could do this by working with a highly experienced removal company that can easily move your items from point A to point B with no hassle whatsoever. You can also use recycled boxes instead of newly bought ones. Prioritizing reusing and recycling will allow you to save big time.

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