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Transferring money to Ireland

You could use bank transfer, a bureaux agency or an online money transfer company to set up and manage your transfers. To get a company that offers a good deal, two things you need to consider are:

  • The transfer fee,
  • The exchange rate

The transfer fee is the amount you pay a money transfer service to send your money to Ireland. This fee varies with the company you use, but many services usually cost cheaper than bank transfers.

The exchange rate informs you of the amount in euros you can get for each Sterling you send abroad. If the exchange rate is high, you will be getting a good money transfer deal.

The Irish Times International Money Transfer

The Irish Times International Money Transfer Service partners with global exchange experts- Moneycorp to offer attractive currency rates for exchange and foreign bank transfers. They also provide free professional advice to customers, saving you money (and time) when sending funds to Ireland.

For customers who are unfamiliar with the currency policies and exchange services industry in Ireland, we provide comprehensive information that serve as a guide. You will find our regular posts helpful when you want to choose a service for money transfers in and out of the country.

Sometimes, money matters can feel very complex; our services are designed to break it into simple solutions for you. We also have a currency converter, which means you don’t need to bother with boring calculations. The Irish Times International Transfer Money service is also a rich repertoire of information on day to day currency news. Financial insights at your fingertips.

How long does it take to transfer money from Ireland to the UK?

This depends on the type of service you are using. If it is a bank to bank transfer, although they offer security, it can take 3 – 4 days. However, some banks charge a small fee if you want next day delivery.

Conversely, money transfer agents will take a shorter time (24 hours or less) to deliver your funds abroad. This is because they are less bureaucratic and offer a more flexible service delivery. In addition, they charge a moderate fee in comparison with banks and traditional bureaux agencies.

How to Transfer money online to Ireland Safely!

Currency Direct online transfer service & mobile app are there to give you the flexibility to manage your currency transfers your way. Whether you’re looking for a live exchange rate, need to make a transfer or want to manage your account, simply log in wherever, whenever.
  • Fast, safe and secure transfers 24/7
  • Transfer from £100 to £25,000
  • Live exchange rate quotes
  • Buy currency now and transfer at a later date
  • Pay for your offline contracts
  • Add and manage your recipients
  • Send money to more than one recipient at a time
  • View all your offline and online transfer history
  • Follow the markets with Rate Alerts

Online Money Transfers to Ireland

Currencies Direct transfer service & mobile app can provide great flexibility to manage your Irish currency transfers your way. Whether you’re looking for a live exchange rate, need to make a transfer or want to manage your account, simply log in wherever, whenever.

Can you pay Sterling into a Euro account?

You can transfer money from the UK into a euro account in Ireland. However, you will need to first convert it from Sterling into euros, whether you are making mortgage payments, transferring your income, sending money to friends and family or simply paying for maintenance costs.

Some banks operate a domiciliary account where you open an account with them to receive money in UK currency. But not everybody is willing to open a bank account simply to transfer funds.

Money transfer from Germany to Ireland

If you are an expatriate in Germany or travelling for the holidays, you can still send money back home through a trusted money transfer service. Like the UK, your options are the bank, bureaux agencies or a swift online transfer service. Any of these may suffice provided you are satisfied with the transfer fees and currency rate offered.

Another important thing to note is the difference in exchange policies. Not every country operates the same laws for international money transfer. Germany may have a limit, so inquire from the service before you proceed. Heavy funds transfer may require some scrutiny.

Sending money from Ireland to the US

When sending a bank to bank money transfer (Ireland to the US), due to international banking regulations, it will have to go through a clearance process. This means it will take longer to reach the recipient. Even via online transfer (which is shorter) requires a person on the US side to approve the transaction.

Nonetheless, verify the costs involved. While your Irish bank may not charge you for international transfers, the US bank (Wells Fargo or Chase) may do so.

Transferring money from Australia to Ireland

While it is possible to transfer money bank to bank, we don’t recommend this option unless you are okay with the costs. The transfer fees from Australia to Ireland (and vice versa) is normally very high. You are better off using an alternative transfer service such as an online agency which guarantees lower fees and favourable exchange rates.

How to save money sending money to Ireland

The first thing to do is use a price comparison website. Avoid bank transfers or PayPal. The latter will cost you time and money in fees. Moneycorp is a reliable service if you are looking for quick, cost-effective options. This online service is safe, secure and fast. Plus, it offers a seamless interaction between both exchange parties.

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