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Sending money to a bank account in the US


Sometimes, you may need to send some money to the US, either to yourself or to someone else. Whatever your reasons for sending money abroad, you need the right method that will be quick, convenient and cost saving.

Here, we look at some of the ways you can send money to the US so you can decide which method is best for you.

You can choose to send money to the US by sending it directly to the recipient’s bank account. This method is ideal for someone who specifically requests that the money be sent to his or her bank account. It is also the preferred method for sending money to a company. Transferring money to a bank in the US can be done online or in person. If the bank has a local office where you are, it is only a matter of walking into the banking hall and requesting a transfer form. However, an online transfer is easier and more convenient.

Have you must bear in mind, that service fees for most bank transfers are quite high, except you are doing a same-bank transfer; then you may pay a lesser fee or even transfer for free. A bank transfer is also one of the slowest ways to send money abroad. Banks are very cautious organizations. They take their time confirming the details before processing the transfer. In most cases, it can take as much as 7 days for your transfer to be affected.

How to reduce risk when Buying or Selling Property in the USA 

The mere fact that you intend to buy a property in the USA using your own currency means that you could be a victim of fluctuating exchange rates. By not taking this into account even a small variation will mean big financial loses. So whether your buying a second home in Florida, an investment property in Washington or an apartment in New York forward planning is a must. Best to get free up to date advice and plan your transfer to the US, you may even make a profit on the transaction!

Sending money online fast and secure

You can transfer money online to the USA, handle all your overseas transfers from your phone, tablet or laptop. Gain  24/7 access to online services providing full control and helping removal all the hassles by using FX companies such as Currencies Direct

Is sending money to the USA via Western Union safe?

Another option for sending money from the UK to the US is via Western Union. Western Union has offices in more than 4000 locations worldwide, which means that you are bound to find one wherever you are in the UK.

Sending money from the UK to the USA by Western Union is ideal when you have recipients who need the money ASAP. It is also preferable for people who don’t want the money in their bank account but would rather pick it up in person. With Western Union, you can choose exactly how fast you want the money to reach the US. All the recipient need to do is to walk into a Western Union collection centre, show proof of identification, answer a few security questions and collect the money.

Risks with Western Union

With Western Union, there is no way of finding out who actually withdrew your money. You only need an id to withdraw it. They can just use a fake id. Then they can just disappear. Even if you password protect it they will still get around it. You also can’t really trace your money. Once it is withdrawn, its gone forever from you and the WU system.International money transfer to the USA

There are several money transfer services all over the world that specialize in moving money quickly to any destination. Money transfer services offer both online transfers and at high street locations in many cities of the world. Using an international money transfer to send money to the USA is ideal for recipients who need to receive money immediately and cannot wait for the long wait involved in bank transfers.

How to save money sending money to the US

When you want to send money to the US, one of the things on your mind should be how you can save on costs and service fees.

The first thing to do is to check out the exchange rate of the currencies you are dealing with. If you are transferring between currencies, it will cost a bit more than if you are transferring the same currency.

Another way you can save when you send money to the US is by comparing different transfer operators. When you take time to compare, you can find an operator with a lesser rate, or one willing to give you a good deal.

Is it illegal to send cash to the USA by post?

It is against the law to send cash for purposes that are illegal, for example, money laundering, tax evasion or purchasing tickets in a foreign lottery. If you mail money as part of a fraudulent scheme, you may be prosecuted under the federal mail fraud law. Mail fraud penalties are very stiff, and each offence can result in a 20-year prison sentence and fines of up to $250,000.However technically there no prohibition on mailing cash for legitimate purposes, but why would you take such a risk when there are legitimate companies can safely transfer money for you to the US? More at

International Money Orders

International money order is an old-fashioned way to send funds, especially given you can transfer money online. They may not continue to be widely available, though, as the U.S. Postal Service’s (USPS’s) Office of the Inspector General issued a report in July 2016 recommending the Service stop issuing international money orders on paper. The USPS report found that wire transfers are increasingly being used to make international payments. They are considered to be a very secure payment method. Wire transfers use a central clearing body and can be made among most existing financial institutions that manage large capital flows on a global scale. international money orders have a low maximum limit – often $1,000 per money order and even lower for international money orders; the USPS’ international money order limit is only $700

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