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The best methods to transfer money to France works in partnership with foreign currency specialist Currencies Direct who help transfer money to an from France. Significant savings on Euro exchange rates versus sterling, US Dollar and other currencies are possible. Whats more transferring large amounts of money to France can be done safely with the minimum of fuss.

Buying or selling a French Property

It makes sense that when sending large amounts of money to or from France requires some planning its often the worse thing you can do for your bank balance by simply using your High Street bank. Specialist Foreign Currency Specialise like Currencies Direct could save you thousands when purchasing an overseas property or another large purchase. 

Money Transfer to France


Thanks to globalisation and technological advances, transferring money from one country to another, regardless how far away, is no longer the hassle it once was. For instance, you can easily transfer money from the UK to a bank account domiciled in France from the comfort of your laptop or smart device. It is that easy now.

But the variety of options for transferring money to France all come with unique advantages and disadvantages concerning speed, cost, and convenience of making the transfer. The important thing is to understand what transfer method best satisfy your needs at the lowest cost.

Best ways to transfer money from UK to France

If you intend on transferring money from the UK to France, there are a variety of options at your disposal, but only a few options can actually be considered as best available options. What most people factor in when determining the best way to transfer cash is cost-effectiveness of the process. Thus, if you need to transfer money from the United Kingdom to France, you should keep an eye out for a method of transfer that offers the lowest cost without compromising other benefits, especially a service that makes your money go further by offering competitive exchange rates.

In the past, international money transfers could only be done through certain banks and the lack of competition resulted in high costs of transfer services. But now, several banks and other private institutions, such as bureaux, offer money transfer services at competitive rates.

Using a Bank To Send Money to France

Banks are a secure way to transfer money from UK to France as you have a high guarantee that the sent funds will reach its destination without complications. The cost of sending money through banks has also considerably reduced over the years but it is still expensive when compared to other available options. This is most apparent when you consider that certain banks, especially the bigger ones charge relatively high transfer fees and mostly don’t offer friendly exchange rates. Another downside is banks tend to take a significant amount of time to fully complete a transfer. Nonetheless, banks are a secure and dependable means of transferring money internationally.

What about using a money sending bureau?

If you don’t want the relatively longer wait period of transfer via banks, a money sending bureaux can be a great option to explore. A bureaux will facilitate your UK to France money transfer and have the sum delivered in less time than it would take a bank. But like a bank, using a bureaux comes with fees that can be as high as what the bank charges and the exchange rate might also be not so great.

Foreign exchange companies

If you want to make a transfer promptly and at lowest possible costs, you are better off exploring options such as Currencies Direct, HiFX, Worldremit, Xendpay, TorFX Currency Transfer, World First, Currency Solutions Currency Transfer, Virgin International Money Transfer, and Transferwise. These are foreign exchange companies that operate globally and often provide more flexible terms and conditions.

Transfer money from French bank account to UK bank account  

As already mentioned, transferring money internationally from bank account to bank account can be expensive and time consuming due to the modus operandi of banks. While their style of operation is far more customer friendly than it was years ago, there’s still room for improvement especially considering the speed, cost effectiveness, and convenience offered by specialised money transfer agencies. Nonetheless, if you have a bank account in France, chances are your bank can help arrange to make a cash transfer to a bank account domiciled in the UK. The money will be transferred in Euro but will be converted into British Pounds upon entry into the receiving account.

Money transfer from France to UK how long

If using a reputable money transfer company, delivery can be completed within the same day or by the next day. But keep in mind that such expedited service often comes at an extra cost.

A normal money transfer can be completed within one to three working days. Using a bank for the transfer might take longer.

What’s the cheapest way to send money to France?

The cheapest way to make a cash transfer to France is to know what your options are. You are likely to get a cheaper deal on a transfer transaction by making use of a specialist foreign exchange company or money transfer agency. They usually charge less on transfer fees as well as offer more competitive foreign exchange rates. But before you settle on a money transfer company, be sure to compare services among companies and verify that the company of your choice is capable of delivering on services as promised. Do you plan on transferring money to France? Be sure to always compare services and transfer fees of different exchanges so you can get the best possible deal. Advice on sending money abroad promote thousands of homes for sale and to rent listed directly by owners, property developers and from real estate agents from over 50 countries worldwide. We work with real estate and homeowners helping them save money selling homes online. We also provide, tips, guides and advice about transferring money to Australia, France, India, Spain, South Africa, USA, Ireland. also operate the #TOPFX100 index

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