Winter Heating Hacks You Should Ace


The winter season is far from over. In fact, we still have a couple of months more before we can finally get the first taste of spring. In the meantime, we as homeowners should do something about keeping our property from freezing over. Considering record snowfall in recent years, it’s important for people to work extra hard in making sure their homes won’t turn into a freezer.

When it comes to home heating, you will have to consider several things. There’s the cost as well as the equipment and the materials needed to keep your home safe from the big freeze.

It’s not always easy and it won’t be cheap either. Fortunately, there are ways that you can keep your home heating efficient without spending beyond what you can afford. With these home heating hacks, you can rest assured that your property remains in warm hands.

1. Weather strip your doors and windows

This is actually a no-brainer. A large percentage of the winter cold enters your home through tiny and narrow gaps around your windows and doors. To find these gaps, you can simply light a candle and place it near the window or door. A flickering flame indicates the presence of a gap, so you will have to consider weather stripping it for extra protection from the cold draft.

A more cost-efficient option is to use felt, as this is much cheaper compared to other materials. On the other hand, you can also install tape and rubber at the bottom of your door. This will definitely keep the cold out. As an added measure, you can always replace your curtains with heavier fabrics such as wool. This enables you to “catch” any lingering chill that’s about to enter your home.

2. Winterize your furnace

Your furnace is what keeps your home from freezing over, so it’s best that you maintain and fix it at least a month before the first snowfall arrives. Sure enough, checking your furnace is no problem since you only need to fix your air filters and ensure that your igniter switch is working properly.

Pressed for time? Don’t worry. You can always look for a capable repair company to help you with your needs. When it comes to servicing your furnace, make sure you have the right people on board, as this will make sure you won’t have to spend too much on heating.

3. Prep your fireplace

If your home has a fireplace, then you may as well make full use of it throughout the remaining winter months. You don’t have to roast chestnuts, just grab a hot cup of cocoa and your favorite blanket, and snuggle up in front of a cheery fire.

Still, before you enjoy the warmth and glow of your very own fireplace, it’s important that you clean out the chimney flue and ensure that there’s enough space for the smoke and char to pass through. Obviously, you will need to hire a professional chimney cleaner who can unclog the shaft and make sure you get the best possible results.

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