Why You Need a Locksmith When Buying or Selling a Home



Hiring a locksmith is sometimes thought of as a task necessary only in an emergency – you’ve lost your keys and are locked out of the house, for instance. That is certainly one time to call on the professionals, but you should also consider hiring a locksmith when buying or selling a home. Why is that?

Why Home Sellers Should Hire a Locksmith

For sellers, rekeying a home can be important for a couple of reasons. First, it allows you to invest in higher-quality locks and knobs for exterior doors. This can be a selling point with buyers and allows you to tie into the aesthetics of any renovations that you’ve done to improve the value of your home.


Second, you are able to provide the buyer with additional peace of mind in knowing that the locks are all new, and that there are no keys out there that are unaccounted for. That’s yet another point in favour of your property rather than a competing home. Of course, if you choose to have your entire home rekeyed onto a master key system, that offers convenience, and is yet another point in your favour.

Why Home Buyers Should Hire a Locksmith

Those buying a home need to take a different approach when it comes to hiring a locksmith. It’s more about safety and security than it is aesthetics, although style and appearance certainly count.


When buying a home, it can be something of a mixed back, particularly when it comes to the locks. Do you know for a fact that all copies of the door keys have been accounted for? What if someone had an additional copy made and the seller doesn’t know about it? Worse, what if there were copies made to give to contractors, electricians, plumbers, and others who needed to work on the property while it was vacant? Each unaccounted-for key is a threat to your security and peace of mind.


Buying a home also means ensuring that the door locks are up to the job. Like other parts of the home, locks are subject to wear and tear. They age and degrade over time. Even with proper maintenance – something that most homeowners neglect – locks will need to be replaced eventually. By hiring a locksmith to do that for you now, you ensure that you’re not let down by age or wear-and-tear-related damage. This can result in sticky locks, locks that jam completely, or even in locks that break.


When buying a home, consider hiring a locksmith for several tasks. At the top of the list would be to inspect the locks, handles, and other assorted hardware. Replace anything that is too weathered or worn.


Next, have the locksmith rekey any locks that are not being replaced with new ones. This ensures that even though you’re still using the same hardware, the inner workings are new, and an old key will not fit.


Finally, consider going with a master key system that allows you to use a single key on all entry doors for the home. That offers convenience, plus the peace of mind and security that you need.


If you’re in need of a locksmith, get in touch with Advanced Lock & Key.

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