The Best Heating Solutions for Rental Properties


If you are moving into, or own, a rented property you know that heating is a necessity. No matter how many jumpers you have on, with the colder seasons fast approaching the dropping temperatures usually mean higher energy bills. Whether you’re a renter or a landlord these energy-efficient fixes could save you a significant amount of money off your monthly heating bill.

Draught Excluder

Windows and doors are a big source of heat loss within the household, particularly in aged, sizable houses, however you can cut the loss by using draught excluders. The idea of them is to prevent heat from passing through, so you would attach them to the bottom of a door or on a windowsill to stop cold air rushing in from underneath the door or window. They are also cheap to buy and easy to install. You can even make your own! You could also consider curtains and blinds as an extra precaution to keep the draughts out.

Space Heaters

Rather than increasing your central heating during the blustery evenings and sending your heating bill sky high why not look into investing in a portable space heater? They’re a great way to warm up your home if it has a couple of cold and draughty spots. Space heaters are a good way of heating up one room at a time and are often used to produce ‘comfort heat’ for their users. Today the appliance comes in many varieties and sizes running on everything from gas to electric. As space heaters can range in variety, you can easily purchase a product that will complement the rest of your home, still leaving it with a sleek and stylish finish. As most are portable it is very easy for both the landlord and renter to introduce a space heater into any room of the property. Find out more at SmartlyHeated.

Pellet Stoves

If you’re slightly more environmentally conscious, a pellet stove may be right up your street. The fuel used is usually sawdust, wood shavings or even recycled corn, meaning that when burnt they don’t emit anything harmful into the environment. It also saves the waste of the pellets that would otherwise be discarded in landfill sites. The pellets are also cost saving, being less expensive than gas, liquid fuel or logs. If you have slightly bigger rooms, these pellet stoves may be more cost efficient for you rather than the smaller space heater as they can heat up a larger space. They can also add a touch of elegance to your living room.

Insulate Your Pipes and Tanks 

Insulating your pipes and tanks that hold your hot water can reduce the amount of heat that escapes, therefore keeping your water for the heater hotter for longer. By insulating these two things you can cut heat loss by 75%. Pipe and tank insulation is extremely quick and easy to fit into your home; all you need is a foam tube for the pipes and a cylinder jacket for your hot water tank.

There are many easy and cost-friendly options for your alternative heating solutions, depending on whether you want to add a touch of added elegance to your home with a pellet stove or a little bit of fun with a draught excluder.

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