How to Plan and Manage Your Own Construction Project for Your Home



Plenty of people choose to let professionals take charge of remodeling and renovation work carried out on their properties, including the administrative side of this process.

Of course for the more adventurous and visionary homeowners, the prospect of planning and managing a construction project of this scale might appeal.

If that describes you down to the ground, then hang tight as we look at what you’ll need to do to steward major works on a house you own.

Consider using specialist construction management software

Every construction project has lots of moving parts, and it’s easier to keep them turning smoothly if you get a little help from a modern software solution.

For example, if you are looking for ERP software for contractors, discover Archdesk and explore what it has to offer those who are running smaller construction initiatives.

You could also use more general project management platforms, like Asana and Trello, to track tasks and maintain momentum. It’s really down to your needs and your preferences.

Do your research

Don’t be afraid to spend weeks or even months researching as many aspects of your proposed construction project as possible. It’s never a bad idea to go the extra mile, whether that means looking into what design trends you want to take inspiration from, or what modern building techniques you want to use.

The more thorough your planning, the better the end result will be, and the lower the likelihood of delays or mistakes arising.

Settle on a sensible budget

While planning and managing a construction project yourself will save money, there are still steep costs to encompass for most parts of this process.

As such, you need to establish a two-tiered budget, with enough room for overspend to occur without this leaving you destitute; an emergency pot equivalent to 10 percent of the main budget is widely recommended.

There’s nothing worse than reaching the final stages of a build, only to run out of money, so calculate everything carefully, look for ways to save, and adjust your expectations accordingly.

Find reputable contractors & request quotes

It’s unlikely that you’ll be able to do all the work yourself, and the professionals will have the skills and the contacts you need to fulfill the ambitions of your project.

That said, not all contractors are easy to work with, and so you need to look for experts who have a good track record of delivering on their promises. Looking at online reviews and asking for references from previous customers is a way of avoiding rogue traders.

You should also request quotes for the work from several different contractors. That’s the only way to get a sense of how much you should be spending.

Familiarize yourself with rules & regulations

Every area has its own set of building regulations and construction laws to adhere to, so as the project manager you’ll need to be on top of these.

A quick search online will let you find which rules apply in your region, and if there’s any doubt you should get in contact with the local authorities to ensure you’re following the right path.

Explore insurance options

Insuring your construction project, both during the work itself and afterwards once it is complete, will protect you from unforeseen calamities of all kinds. Lots of types of cover can be had in this context, so play the field and find an affordable policy.

Speak with neighbors to avoid disputes

Lastly, don’t launch into your construction project without chatting to your nearest neighbors about your plans. It’s a matter of courtesy, as much as anything else, and could avert potential conflicts.

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