A Guide to Replacing your Windows and Doors with UPVC Double Glazed Units


If you haven’t already replaced your timber windows and doors with maintenance-free UPVC units, you are certainly in the minority. You will have no doubt noticed how smart these units look when they are installed, and if you would like to know more about double-glazed window and doors, here is some background information.

Energy Saving – When you replace your old timber windows and doors with state of the art UPVC double-glazed units, you can expect a huge saving on your energy bills. Whether you are looking for UPVC replacement doors in Melbourne or UPVC windows in Sydney, a quick Google search is all it takes to source an established supplier, who would be happy to provide a quote for the project.

Tailored to Fit the Openings – There are no off the shelf solutions with replacement windows and doors, as each unit is fabricated to very precise measurements, thus ensuring a perfect fit. The great thing about bespoke solutions is you can choose the window opening styles, and they have an extensive selection of panelled front and back doors from which to choose.

Design Choices – There are endless designs to choose from, which means you can find a style that adds character to your property, and whether you prefer traditional side hinged openings or space saving sliding units, you get to select the design that suits your home. There are rich colours and also a faux timber grain finish, which is ideal for a country property, and with no maintenance, your UPVC windows and doors will always look like new.

Thermal Insulation – The amount of heat that is lost through a single pane of glass is quite substantial, yet a hermetically sealed double glazed unit greatly reduces heat loss, and whether you are trying to keep the heat out in the summer, or prevent your heat from escaping in the winter, UPVC double glazing offers great thermal and sound insulation. Double glazing also prevents condensation, which many homes suffer from, which is yet another benefit.

Home Visit – If you would like to explore the potential that UPVC double glazing offers, simply contact a local supplier and they would be happy to send a representative to your home, where you can discuss the many design options, and once you have selected the design you like, he will be able to give you a written quotation. Once you have reached an agreement, the supplier would send a surveyor to accurately measure all your window and door apertures, and then the units can be fabricated. Installation is typically 4-6 weeks after the order is placed, and a team of window installers can usually finish a two storey home in just 2 days.

By replacing your windows and doors with UPVC double glazed units, you will have many years of trouble-free use, and as the units are guaranteed for at least 10 years, you can relax, knowing that your home is secure and comfortable.

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