9 Ways New Homeowners Can Cut Electricity Costs by 200% 


Are you moving to a new home? Building a new life? Then you definitely won’t want to start with unpacking burdens. For instance, electricity bills. Saving money in this day and age can become a nuisance. It is common for many families to stare at utility bills worth hundreds of dollars towards the end of every month.

All things considered, in a country with a populace of 318 million – Not everyone can afford to live like the Kardashians.

In this article, we will give a couple of simple ideas that will help all new homeowners cut down power costs up to 200%.

Just a few simple changes with how you use electricity can help shrink your utility bills.

9 Things to Do Immediately to Reduce Electricity Costs

1.     Install Adequate Insulation

Insulators act as barriers. It prevents heat loss and heat gain. If you live in a warm region then air conditioning will account for most of your bills.

Other than the fact that insulators reduce mold and dampening, insulators are also a very efficient way to reduce energy costs. It keeps houses warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. This means lesser usage of air conditioners and heaters. Hence, a reduction in bills.

Consider installing a proper insulation unit while renovating or building your new home. It will be a good investment for many years to come.

2.     Install a Room Thermostat

Using central heating is always cheaper. If you are located in cities like Boston, then heating is essential for your home. Install a room thermostat that turns off the heating, once it has reached the correct level.

Set the thermostat according to your requirements. Not less, not more.

When compared to gas fire heating, central heating helps save much more energy in homes, especially mobile homes for sale. You can always check which one is cheaper by doing a comparison test.

3.     Invest in Appropriate Clothing

Heating and cooling account for more than half of your energy bills. When the cold weather hits you, be prepared with warm clothing. So you don’t have to use heating at all times. It makes sense to adopt this energy saving practice. After all, it can help you cut down energy costs tremendously.

4.     Turn Off the Lights


Consider replacing any old style light bulbs. In these bulbs, 90% of the energy is consumed producing heat. However, only 10% of the energy utilized makes a visible light. Incandescent light bulbs are inefficient for lighting large areas. As opposed to a HID bulb, that can light a large open area.

It might take a while to replace all the bulbs in your house. But the one thing that can be done right away, is to switch off all the lights that are not in use. Turn off all the lights every night before you hit the sack. Make it a habit.

5.     Use Natural Light

Henry David rightly said that in wildness is the preservation of the world.

Electricity consumption can be easily reduced during the day. Large windows, facing the south will help you light up large rooms. Up to $9, a year can be saved by using a 60-watt bulb for no only 4 hours a day.

It is also proved by research. Daylight has a positive impact on performance and human health.

According to many realtors including Central Florida real estate agent Fred Franks, a professional realtor states,

“We recommend homes with large windows and double plated glass to those who want to save on their energy bills”.

6.     Unplug Things You Rarely Use

Power is still drawn from stereo systems, televisions, computers and treadmills when they are plugged in. Even if the appliance is switched off. This phenomenon is termed as “Vampire Drain”. If you don’t use them often then consider unplugging it from the power source.

You may have to waste a few moments to plug in the device before every use. Maybe even a few more to unplug all the devices.

7.     Do Your Laundry Wisely

Ideally, it is recommended to do your laundry after 8pm. According to the co-owner of money crashers personal finance, many utility companies work with discounted rates at certain hours. These are usually the off-peak hours. So, why not buy electricity when it’s at a discount?

Avoid doing the laundry too often. Buy a bigger machine that loads at least a week’s dirty clothing. It will surely be more expensive than a smaller unit. But it will help you save a lot of time and energy. 

8.     Air Dry Your Clothes


Air drying your clothes won’t just make your clothes look newer for longer. But it will also help you save a good amount of money.

The average dryer uses up to 3.3-kilo watt energy every hour. Therefore, if you have enough space to hang a clothes line then you must take this option under consideration.

It might make drying clothes tardy. But if you’re looking into saving money then this alternative is recommended for you.

9.     Check energy labels on appliances

To ensure that you’re buying an energy efficient product. It is necessary that you read the labels. You can save up to 200% on electricity bills by buying home appliances that consume minimal energy.

When shopping for washing machines or dryers. You can look for the ones with smart sense. The model should be able to turn itself off once the clothes are washed or dry. Moreover, if you love tea, then invest in a kettle that functions on the least amount of power.

Saving money has never been easier. Who could’ve thought that electrical energy is such a burden on your utility bills? With these simple steps – you can easily save a few digits. Therefore, implement them right away!

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