7 Top Ways to Save Money at Home

People are always looking for ways to stretch out budgets during tough economic times. Even when financial outlooks are good, home owners can benefit from finding ways to save extra money. We spoke to TWPN.com Kent property experts to show us the many ways to save money on expenses.


Insurance Review

Homeowners often have their property over insured. Over insurance can occur in a number of ways. They may be paying for coverage that is not needed or may not even be relevant to their situation. Different companies may also have dramatically different prices.

Update Old Water Heaters

Water heaters are one of the leading energy consumption appliances in the home. Older water heaters are often very inefficient. By replacing older or failing water heaters, monthly savings can be realized by decreased energy consumption. There are a number of water heaters on the market, including highly efficient tankless systems.

Be cautious with Coupons


Coupons of getting seem like a great way food, cleaning supplies and other house hold goods and save money. People often make the mistake of using coupons just because it is a good deal. If there is not a need for the item, then it may be a good deal, but the money does not need to be spent. Coupons are great to use when they are used for items that are actually needed. Do not let coupons entice you into spending on unneeded items.

Do Not Cook for One

A surprising amount of money can be saved by cooking several meals at one time. This reduces the total amount of times that ovens and stove tops will be drawing powers or burning fuel. It is not going to cost more to store the leftovers, and reheating leftovers in a microwave is more efficient than cooking several meals.

Combine Laundry


In a multi-person house hold, people tend to do laundry separately. This often leads to half loads being done. By doing laundry all together, you are using less detergent, power and water. Consider using clothes lines during warmer weather and save on the electric use of the dryer.

Lower the Water Temperature

People love having hot water, but may not realize that the water temperature must maintain the the water is not being used. This wastes fuel or electricity because the higher temperatures means the water heater must run more often.

Use Timers

Timers can be used on lights, appliances, heaters, thermostats and more. This allows items to power off after a certain time period. Saving money on items that are left on accidentally. Timers can also be used to make sure appliances, such as HVAC systems, are not running when people are not home.

Saving money is important to everyone.

By following a few basic tips, monthly savings can add up quickly. Some of these items require initial investments, but they are often quickly paid for in monthly savings. These tips are not only money saving, but many provide a greener living as well.

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