5 Ways Smart Home Technology Will Change Your Business


Modern day businesses sometimes look like something out of Sci-Fi novels. All kinds of gadgets and services make the impossible possible. Smart home technology has the ability to do just that. Here are 5 ways in which this technology will change your business.

Save Some Money
Business owners know the impact of positive cash flow. No business can succeed in these times without staying in the black on the books. Smart home technology has a few tricks up its sleeve. It can help to lower simple utility bills.

Products like smart thermostats are designed to be easy to use and very effective at its job. It is controlled remotely through other smart products. The common household saves about 20% off its yearly warming and cooling costs. This is one of the ways in which 45% of American smart home owners save an average of $98.30 per month. That adds up to a yearly saving of about $1,179.60. Scale that to the size of your business and imagine the amount of cash you can save on your utility bills.

Lower Your Environmental Impact
Smart home products have the environment in mind as well. Smart technology replaces many common business functions that generate wastage.

Curb Wastage
Make use of smart TVs in your boardrooms. Connect it to computers and other smart products. It will stop you from generating paper and other types of stationery wastage. Smart refrigerators have functions that remind its users of product expiry dates. This can help restaurants to stop food wastage.

Save More Water
Smart devices have ingenious ways of saving water. Smart toilets have multiple flush settings to stop over-flushing. Businesses with bathrooms can install smart showers. These showers are programmed to reach the user’s desired water temperature. Users can save their favorite types of showers as recipes. No more wasting of water whilst the user searches for the perfect temperature.

Smart Sprinklers
Smart sprinklers connect to the internet. It can be controlled remotely. These units are also equipped with Artificial Intelligence (AI). Program your smart sprinklers over other smart devices like smartphones, tablets or computers. Set up watering schedules and it will regulate itself. The AI in the system will even keep weather patterns in mind. The system will refrain from running it’s watering schedules right after heavy rainfalls. Businesses that own big gardens or lawns can save lots of water and money when using smart sprinklers.

Automate Your Business
Smart products help to automate mundane activities that steal time from the day. Here are some benefits to automating your business with smart home technology.

Save Time
Time is money and you know it. Smart home technology can help you to automate basic functions in your business. Smart refrigerators can order groceries. You just have to give it the mandate to run routine orders and it will keep fulfilling them. 57% of American smart home owners save about 30 minutes per day. That adds up to about a week saved per year. Imagine what each of your employees can do with an extra week per year?

Save Effort
Smart products do some thinking for you as well. The integrated AI systems will help you with suggestions and new forms of synergy. All of which will help to lower the amounts of effort you need to exert. Make use of smart vacuum robots. They will clean your floors and return to their charging stations without you having to intervene.

Capitalize On an Emerging Market
Smart home technology uses something called the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT is the technology that connects every smart product across the globe. Smart kitchen appliances are able to make purchases. It is increasingly easier to create sales platforms or marketplaces through IoT. Analysts believe that IoT will drive upwards of $300 billion of revenue by the year 2020. Are you geared yet for this market?

Enhance Your Security
62% of American smart home owners claim better security as the top benefit of owning smart home technology. Be the king of your hill. Install top of the range security products that are monitored and controlled through something as simple as a smartphone.

Change for Good
This technology is here to make your business better and stronger Make it work for you. Enhance your business with smart home technology.

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