5 Shed Plans to Build a Cheap Outdoor Storage Shed


A simple storage shed in your front or backyard can make quite a difference when in need of some extra space. A majority of homeowners deal with space constraints, which makes it hard to safely store items like gardening tools, used household items, and children’s toys. Building and organizing a storage shed can give you sufficient room to cater to these needs. A shed does not have to cost too much for it to serve your storage demands. With a little amount of money, the right plan, and enough time, you can have a quality cheap outdoor storage. Here’s how to do it.

Foundation and Floor

The amount of work will depend on the location of your shed. Clear out plants if there are any, and for uneven ground, level it first before construction. You can choose to have the shed in or above ground. Note that building permits may be necessary to do in-ground construction in a residential area, so find out first. A wood foundation is the cheapest way to build a shed because you only need to pay for deck blocks as opposed to having a contractor pour out concrete.

For the foundation, start by digging trenches and compacting them with gravel. The measurement of the trenches will depend on the specific shed designs you are following. Ensure that the trenches are compacted to be at the same level with the ground. Place the deck blocks approximately 6×8 ft and ensure that they form a square.

Building the floor requires two 4×4 floor posts, two concrete deck blocks, 2×6 floor joists, plywood sheathing, and deck screws. Cut the floor joists and the deck blocks accordingly, install them in the frame, and then attach the plywood with deck screws.


Making the wall frames would be easy when doing it on a flat surface.  After cutting the bottom and top blocks, attach 2x4s to make a sturdy framing. Leave openings for the windows in one or two of the frames, depending on your preferences. One of the wall framings should also have an opening for the door. The measurements will depend on how big of a door you want to install. Of course, it should be proportionate to the rest of the storage building plans.

Windows and door

Adding the windows before standing the wall framing will simplify work. You can get ready-made windows or build them from scratch, depending on how low your budget is.

Getting a pre-hung door can cost a significant amount, which would not be consistent with your cheap outdoor storage concept. Using lumber and very thick boards, you can construct a strong door. Attach the blocks to make a frame and then screw in the boards. It may take a while for the door to work right, especially if the hinges are not appropriately sized, so be patient.


The roofing can be a bit tricky because it contains strange angles. However, some shed designs can allow you to build a roof without trusses, which save you a lot of trouble. In this instance, you only need to install rafters after putting in the wall framings. Ensure that the rafters extend beyond the wall for better protection. Then, attach a plywood sheathing with nails to complete the roof. A trussed roof requires the walls to have plates at the top where the framing is going to be attached. Ensure that the angles are cut right when installing this type of roof.


You can get a plywood sheathing, siding or any other material to cover the wall framings. Alternatively, the siding can be attached to the wall. Framing before raising it up is convenient, especially when working alone.

When thinking how to build a storage shed without forking out loads of cash, these few steps will guide your construction project. With simple tools and a carport builder kit, you can easily provide that appropriate room for your storage needs. Remember to choose materials that can handle harsh weather.

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